Charm Me by Calexotics- Review

So far I have sincerely enjoyed every Calexotics product that has come into contact with my nether regions. So, when I received my Charm Me from their new Slay line, I thought surely be love at first vibration.

My Eh experience…

Charm Me seemed pretty enthusiastic and raring to go in my hand fully charged, but when put to the test? Multiple times?

Was I able to orgasm using the Charm Me bullet?

Yes, and pretty easily, but every single one was on the smaller side of the Big O Spectrum and underwhelming.

I kept coming back to this little pink bastard.

Giving it another go in hopes that my opinion would change since I have liked their products I’ve reviewed so far. Sadly, the Charm Me didn’t charm my clit the way I was hoping.

My Suggestion?

Rose from Calexotics Uncorked line far surpassed this bullet vibe and I would recommend it in place of this one. There is a price difference with Charm Me at $39.99 and Rose at $58.99, but the superiority in orgasm is worth it. Not to mention you can use code “NIKKI” for ten percent off at Betty’s Toybox.

I just hate the idea of someone buying this one just to be disappointed. I’ve been there several times and it just is a sucky feeling.

You want something to wow your bits after waiting expectantly for the arrival of your package.

Features to Consider…

Charm Me has one-button control that shuffles between ten functions that vary in vibration, pulsation, and escalation.

Its pretty pink silicone is body safe as well as soft.

Charm Me comes with a memory chip that remembers what setting you were using last to get off.

Calexotics made sure to equip this little nugget with a travel lock. Pressing down for three seconds turns it on and off.

Charm Me is submersible for both ease of cleaning and bath time fun.

The charger is USB with a self-sealing port.

It also is backed by a one-year warranty.

The dimensions of Charm Me are 3.75″ by .75″.

When fully charged you can run this bullet vibe for thirty minutes on high or up to seventy on a lower speed. It also only takes an hour and a half to reach its juicing-up potential.

Final Thoughts

As much as I hate disliking a product that came from the people who brought my twat the Orange County Cutie and the Tahoe Temptation, I just can’t help it.

I went to polish my pink pearl with Charm Me but was given a lackluster shine.

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