Tenga Aero- One Silver Ring To Rule Them All- Review

Tenga Aero sits next toy its box with a packet of lotion and the user manual.

Besides my vagina, Tenga Aero is my boyfriend’s absolute favorite place to bust a juicy nut.

When I initially told my partner that we were getting a Tenga Aero to review, he showed less enthusiasm than I would have liked or anticipated. Although he thoroughly enjoys Tenga products, we had recently wrapped up the Tenga Sixteen Day Challenge, and I guess he thought his penis earned a little R and R.

Sorry, babe. There ain’t no rest for the wicked, reviews don’t grow on trees…

So, like the trooper he is, he wanked on. I left the Tenga Aero on his side table and waited patiently for nature to run its course.

His Experience…

He fucking loved it.

He was all smirky and at some points during his descriptions of using the Aero, he was even cheesing.

Yes, he has very much liked masturbatory products in the past. Hell, he would probably even put the Aneros Eupho Syn in the love category, but he said without a doubt, this is his favorite sex toy for himself so far.

He has so far used his Aero quite a bit… for more research I’m sure. Even so far as to test it in the shower and with different lubricants. Got to love this man’s dedication.

He enjoyed it in the shower, saying there were no issues with use. As for lube…

Tenga Aero comes with one package of lube, or as the package says, hole lotion. I do admire their name choice. He, however, was far from impressed. He actually went as far as to say it was the only issue he had with the product at all. Apparently, it is thick and was then compared to gear oil, whatever the hell that is. But I guess it’s thick and he would not like to jack off with it.

He liked using a thinner, more slick, water-based lube. Swiss Navy if we’re being exact.

As far as the internal material is concerned, it feels like what his Tenga Spinner is made of but all the shapes and patterns within are much more complex. Also, he preferred it over the “fake skin” material of his Main Squeeze Strokers.

Also, with this silver version, he explained that the pattern at the end of the tube that stimulates the head of his penis is like no other he’s used before. Apparently with every stroke the feeling is different as the pattern moves. Every thrust gives a slightly altered, pleasing, and yet still firm caress.

Inside view of the Tenga Aero.  You can see down the stroker.
Beauty is found within.

The Best Part About The Tenga Aero?

He revealed to me that…

…he likes anal. Gasp!

I know– this is a shocker. Someone with a penis likes the feeling of sinking it into the depths of a tight, soft sphincter?

As much as I wish that I enjoyed anal play as much as so many in the sex community, I can’t personally find enjoyment in it. I honestly wish I could. There are so many cute butt toys out there (I actually own a few), and sometimes I feel like I’m missing out.

Anyways, he isn’t getting to use his dipstick to check my oil. Poor guy.

Back to my story… he revealed to me that he likes the feeling of anal.

With the silver ring around the base, he can turn the dial to determine the airflow and pressure. He said that with more airflow to him it feels like a vagina, whereas if he cranked up the suction it gave him more of an anal sensation.

Clearly options any man would despise. 🙂 No wonder he was carting it with him into the shower.

The inner sleeve of the Tenga Aero is out so you can see the texture.
The Tenga Aero out of its plastic sheath.

Other Features To Consider…

Tenga Aero comes in two versions. Silver, which is the one we chose, is described as having Pleasure From Spiraling Surroundings.

Cobolt (blue) is the other option that boasts Pleasure From Suctioning Surfaces. Both sound pretty fantastic.

If only I had a penis of my own.

Either Tenga Aero is equipped with its own drying station to sanitarily air dry. You can wash the interior sleeve with soap and warm water (a good toy cleaner is always a good idea too) and then use the long, black peg to hold it in an upright position. Gravity will take over for the remaining drips of water. Secure the lid for storage once the product is fully dry.

The Tenga aero sits next to the Tenga Spinner brick stroker.
Drying stations of Tenga Aero (left) and Tenga Spinner- Brick (right)

Final Thoughts…

I would definitely say that Tenga hit it out of the park based on my partner’s sincere reaction to this modern looking stroker.

As long as I don’t catch him hunkered down in the shower, petting the ring he renamed “the precious“, I’m happy he’s found a new favorite toy.

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