Viotec Vibrators- Metis and Manto- Review

Because Viotec is pretty awesome, and I enjoy their products, they sent me two of their vibrators, Metis and Manto to review. Score!

Both, like the rest of their tech toys, come with their signature touch panel to control them as well as press buttons if you want to opt for an old-school masturbation operation.

Normally, I can get down with the touch panel, but for these being at the end, sometimes I forgot they were there when I was in the mood. Using the buttons was no big deal and the panel didn’t accidentally get hit since it wasn’t on the end.

If you read down Metis and Manto’s features you would notice that almost all of their features are the exact same. From their overall length, (8.75 inches) width, (1.4 inches) and insertable length (5 inches) to the fact that they both have seven patterns and five intensities.

So, what is it that sets these two love machines apart?

There I would have to say personal preference.

Metis is basically the rabbit version of Manto. There are a lot of people out there who swear by a rabbit vibrator and then you have a shit ton that despise them.

So, in this case, the beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Or I suppose you’d be holding it in your vagina.

Yes. The beauty is held in the vagina. Remember that. 😊

It really comes down to if you like clit stimulation already built-in. Sometimes I can be a bit lazy, and a rabbit vibe fills that moments need.

Some vagina owners may have a pickier puss and want a specific tool to polish their pearl while using a vibrator. Been there too. Some pairings are fantastic!

And others may just want a vibrator with no clit stimulation at all. That one I personally have a hard time wrapping my brain around, but there are so many people out there, I’m sure there are some. It takes all kinds to make the world wonderful.

My experience…

With Metis, I was easily able to orgasm by rubbing my clit with the stimulator designed to hit that sensitive little nubbin. Had I realized the first time how easy it was to press down and maneuver I would have reached the finish line sooner. It was a tip I was sure to remember on consecutive masturbating missions.

Some of the most fulfilling things in life need practice.

Other than liking the pliability of the stimulator, I also adored the humped shape of the shaft. This is another shared feature of both vibes. With a bit of lube, insertion with either is effortless and it nuzzles that mound right along my inside wall, right behind my pelvic bone. The motor is powerful in that shaft, and whether thrusting is your jam or rocking back and forth with your hips, you’re going to notice that bulge.

Other features to consider…

They are crafted using a medical-grade silicone and ABS Bezel.

Metis and Manto come with a boost button. Meaning whatever speed or pattern you’re on can be altered to the highest setting with the push of that button. Once released, it goes back to what you were on. It is really convenient when you are super close to getting off. It can send you right over the edge.

They are both waterproof.

You have the color options of red, wine red, pink, fuchsia, and blue

They are USB Rechargeable.

They come with a cinch bag and a durable storage box.

So, what do you think?

Would you personally want a touch screen vibrator? Let me know in the comments below!

Final Thoughts…

I personally enjoy this brand. Although they don’t have many products yet, the ones they do are of quality.

You can read past reviews I’ve done on their Dysis and Titan.

And when picking a vibrator, pay attention to the feature you think would work best for your unique body.

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