Tenga Disposable Cups- A 16 Day Challenge

Tenga, a wonder company when it comes to masturbatory devices for penises, contacted me with the opportunity to participate in their 16-day disposable cup challenge.

Unfortunately, I myself do not possess the phallic body-part needed to judge the products, but my lover was more than happy to lend his for such a worthy cause.

What was the goal Tenga set before us?

We were given sixteen cups of disposable awesomeness to rate and review. One a day over the course of sixteen magical, jerk-tacular nights.

What was to be served on the masturbation menu?

The different variations included rolling head, soft case, and the original vacuum cups.

  • All 5 older Standard TENGA CUPs 
  • All 5 NEW Standard TENGA CUPs
  • 3 New ‘Gentle’ TENGA CUPs
  • 3 New ‘Strong’ TENGA CUPs

The struggle was real and he lost quite a few fluids in the process, but he did prevail in conquering the task set before him. Like a knight wielding his great… schlong.

The verdict?

This certain male specimen happens to not have a super sensitive penis. Although getting off is not a herculean task, all of the gentle cups were pretty much wasted on his junk.  

He much preferred the strong Tenga cups with more intense stimulation housed inside.  

To kind of get an idea of his dick, although he doesn’t mind vibration, it really doesn’t do anything special for him either. He doesn’t mind it as long as it isn’t a strong enough vibration that will numb his junk.

For the most part, he enjoyed the original vacuum strong cup and the soft cased cup with the strong insides best. So pretty much the ones with the black labels.

He did not care for the rolling head disposable cups at all. He just felt like they were more awkward to use and he preferred the motion the other cups offered better.

We both agreed that they come pre-lubed is a great idea in theory, but he would have preferred the lube to come with it separately in a disposable pouch to be added too.  

Some may like not having to worry about lubing their cup before use which is actually the purpose of creating disposable cups. Not only do you not have to exert effort in prepping, but there is no clean-up after which is so nice.

Just toss when finished.

So, who would disposable cups benefit?

I would assume anyone who doesn’t like cleaning out their wanking devices. I’ve washed them out and I’m not going to pretend it was one of my favorite tasks. Like cleaning out cold loogies.  

Yummm! My favorite!

Also, for anyone who travels for work, these would be especially helpful. Pack a few of your favorites for the road, complete a long workday, and rub one out before turning in.  

Just plop that baby in the wastebasket and done.

The same idea would go for going on vacation too, I suppose, but I would save the spanking for in the bathroom if you are traveling with more than just your partner. Don’t want to take out grandma’s eye mid-orgasm if you slip out or scar your children.

What if you aren’t into disposable cups but would rather have something more long-lasting?

My partner and I reviewed the Tenga Brick Spinner when I newly started my review website and it is still one of the masturbators he recommends most. Not to mention the price tag is low for the amount of joy it brings.  

The penis wants what the penis wants.

Oh, and invest in lube and some toy cleaner if you decide to go with a reusable product.  

Final thoughts…

Tenga disposable cups would be a good product if you are on the go or just want to see what type of textures you like before committing to a reusable purchase.   

Either way, you can enjoy the use of these with someone you hold dear or if you just want to hold yourself.

Happy Wanking!

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