The Nyx Dildo Will Make You Sing In The Shower

Nyx is the smallest in the Nexus Collection by Sportsheets.

Although phallic, it is not super dick-o-licious like most dildos. The shape leaves more to the imagination, so if you must see a dimpled cock head and veiny outlines before slowly sliding it into one of your orifices this may not be the toy for you.

If the classy coral simplicity intrigues you, you may enjoy the bulbous head on the end and curved shape meant to help stimulate your G or P spot.

Features to consider…

Nyx’s Suction Cup Base

It comes with a super strong suction cup base. I was just messing around with my boyfriend when I first opened the package and suctioned it to the coffee table. I was easily able to lift the side it was stuck to off the ground.

Materials & Cleaning

Nyx is one-hundred percent silicone and the perfect companion to accompany you in the shower. It’s fun to back up onto it while using Love Breeze or one of your favorite water-proof bullets.

This toy is seriously one of the easiest ever to clean. Soap and warm water after your shower and done!

You can then let Nyx air dry before storing or pat down with a clean towel.

It is harness compatible. Although I didn’t try this part out the description lists it as working with 1.5″ and 1.75″ O-rings.

Nyx comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Meaning Sportsheets is confident in their product. Just don’t go tossing it in the blender and expect them to replace it. I highly doubt that would be considered normal wear and tear.

Like I mentioned before, Nyx is the more petite option of the Nexus Collection. There are larger options, but this one is six inches long (five insertable) with a max width of 1.59 inches.

The Nyx dildo by Sportsheets is suction cupped to a shower wall.
In my shower. Nyx can also double as a loofah hanger when not in use. 😉

Final Thoughts…

I would consider Nyx to be a pretty basic bitch, but totally capable of getting the job done. Plus, it’s currently on sale for $36.99 which is a decent price for a simple, yet diversely used product.

This would be a great toy for someone who enjoys smaller-sized penetration, shower masturbation, sex with harnesses, or doesn’t like the detail of more graphic dickish dildos.

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