Satisfyer Love Breeze- Review

If you want someone to suck your clit and you are without a partner, what do you do? Satisfyer has done their best to lend a metaphorical hand to this age-old conundrum.

One of their solutions was to develop Love Breeze.

Love Breeze is one of the many versions of air pulse stimulation toys on the market. Not as unique of a concept as it once was, yet still highly desired. Well, duh…

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My Experience with this little golden nugget.

I have both mixed feelings when it comes to toys playing suck and blow with my clit.

I’ve been fortunate enough to find a toy I adore and one of my worst sex toy experiences have been with that god-forsaken moon rabbit.

One… was sheer, pleasurable bliss.

One… scared the shit out of me and made me want to throw it down the garbage disposal, sending it back to Hell where it must have spawned.

How dare it attack my vulva! If you’re going to give it a bite, you should at least acquire consent first. Bastard!

Love Breeze manages to fall somewhere in between these two polar opposite occurrences.

It does fulfill its company namesake. It’s satisfying, and is very strong, without making you wonder if your clitoris is going to be ripped off.

That should be a plus for most of us, right?

It works well when paired with a favorite lubed-up dildo. Penetration with the simulation of oral? Yes, please.

Although Love Breeze isn’t my favorite (which has a much heftier price tag), it does show tons of enthusiasm. For the price of $29.95 or $39.99 Canadian, if you are one of our naughty neighbors to the north, it’s a steal.

This would also be a fantastic starter product to see if you enjoy suction toys. The lower settings feel more like a twitching sensation and increase with each additional press of the button.

It showcases a wide range of intensities (eleven in all). I never needed to go past the sixth or seventh intensity and my clit is far from super sensitive.

The force is strong with this one.

Features to consider…

I love the shape. It’s practical, fits easily in the palm of your hand while you masturbate, and the buttons are easy to locate and press. Sounds like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how often companies get this one wrong.

Love Breeze comes in yellow (gold to me), orange, and light blue options. All look slightly metallic. It is a nice change to see in a sex toy color pallet.

It is covered in silicone which you can feel, but initially from the picture I thought the outer shell was plastic. Nope, it’s soft.

Eleven intensities to choose from.

Love Breeze is backed with a whopping fifteen-year guarantee. Satisfyer must be insane because that’s crazy long.

It comes with a magnetic USB charger. Woot.

You can take romantic baths or raunchy showers with your Love Breeze because it is waterproof.


If you are someone looking to branch out into suction toys or are a person who just loves a good deal, this may be the toy for you to try.

Go forth, Bargain Betty, and remember to throw an extra dildo in the cart. You deserve it for finding such a valuable steal!

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