Dysis Bullet From Viotec- Review

Fondling Dysis, I was confused right out the gate. I have my share of Viotec vibrators under my belt and felt like an idiot trying to figure out why this little bullet’s bead wasn’t moving.

Like the Tethys, this one is adorned with a bump on the head, however, it is stationary and not rolling as I had assumed. I would have felt a lot less silly, had I read the manual before playing with it, but what fun would that be?

My Dysis is wine red and I love that it comes adorned with its own jewelry. It just makes it seem fancy. I do unscrew it and lay it aside before use. It’s easily accomplished. I imagine it dangling down in my buttcrack which I wouldn’t totally hate, but I can’t imagine that was the intention. And, it would probably tickle.

When in Use…

In my last masturbation sesh with the Dysis, I closed the curtains, hopped on the bed, and easily rubbed out four quick, toe-curling O’s.

The neighbor kids were obnoxiously loud and could be heard through the walls of my bedroom, but I still came out laying in a juicy puddle of my own making.

This bullet, from a luxury company, retails for $34.99 and that to me is a shocker.

So many people raved about the new Tango X and I just didn’t feel the love they were talking about. The rumble was there, sure. It just didn’t have the speed to bring me over the edge as I had hoped. It was an uphill struggle for me to manage to get close.

Dysis on the other hand is much cheaper, larger, in my opinion, easier to hold with its girthier base, and has the speed I was looking for while still maintaining the rumble.

So, at about half the price, this bullet brought me way more deep and easier to accomplish orgasms.

I also am in love with the slanted firm edge of the tip allowing for very accurate stimulation. The sensation I got from rubbing this bullet up and down along the left side of my clit (through my meaty labia) is a win for me.

Other Features to Consider

There is one button and a touch panel you swipe that can be used to adjust the seven patterns and five intensities.

Dysis is medical-grade silicone and ABS bezel.

It comes with a USB charging cord. Yay! for no batteries!

It’s splashproof, not waterproof, so do not submerge this bullet while cleaning.

It comes with a manual, cinch bag, one-year warranty, and a beautiful yet durable storage box.

So far the products I have used from Viotec have all managed to be on the quieter end of the sex toy spectrum. Their motors haul ass but somehow tend to still be way quieter than most.

Final Thoughts…

This is a company that is quickly winning my heart. Their products can make you feel like you’re a big baller on a budget. I can’t wait to see what products they come out with in the future. I’ll definitely be one of the first people in line.

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