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Have you ever had a burning question that you were only willing to ask the internet? Perhaps the burning was literal.

Finding information about sex while surfing the internet has never been difficult. Good information on the other hand is harder to come by. Thus, glorious this blogroll!

I’ve put together a list of sex focused creators that I personally enjoy in hopes that you may find content that tickles your fancy. I normally look for people that both enlighten and entertain.

Hey EpiphoraWhere sex toys go to be judged. She is the queen when it comes to snark and I’ve learned a lot from her. Seriously… I took her online class for aspiring badass sex bloggers.

Girly Juice– Kate Sloan’s purse is full of lipstick and dildos.  Not only will you find articles on sex, but also kink, relationships, fashion, beauty, and mental health.

Super Smash Cashe– Cy is a sex toy critic and cervical orgasm connoisseur. 

Princess Previews- Australian blogger and sex toy reviewer.

Backwoods Bedroom– Laurieann is an advocate for safe and affordable adult toys, as well as her hypercritical clit.

Spices Of Lust Leja and Luka are an unusual couple who run a blog together covering sex positions, tips, BDSM, toy reviews, and erotic stories.

Betty Butch– Betty writes about body safe sex toys, kink, queer and trans experiences, sex on the autism spectrum, fat self-love, porn of various mediums, and mental health.

Dangerous Lilly– Lilly is a sex toy critic, dildo burner, and writer of important educational pieces as well as shopping guides.

JoEllen Notte– JoEllen, also known as The Redhead Bedhead, writes about sex, mental health, and how none of us are broken.

Elle Chase– Elle is a certified sexuality educator & coach as well as a body acceptance & pleasure advocate.

LuzArte Products

Phallophile Reviews– Felicity writes guides to body-safe sex toys, with a focus on silicone-based dildos.

Kitten Boheme– Kitten is on a mission to fill the hungry holes of her readers with quality, body safe, Kitten approved, sex toys. P.S. Her vagina says β€œhey.”

Sugar Cunt Writes– You can find reviews on this site but it is now more essay-oriented and includes topics like dating, kink, erotica, fat acceptance, mental illness, and intersectional feminism.

Little Switch Bitch LSB is an anonymous writer, lover of kink, lingerie, strong coffee, and sunshine.

Miss Ruby Reviews– Ruby is a pleasure product reviewer based in Canada who loves orgasms, chocolate, and cheese.

Witch of the Wands– Meg is a freelance writer, sex blogger, sex worker, and witch!

Kinky World– Mistress Kay is the weird dildo lovin’ best friend that you never knew you needed.

Dildoodler– Sex toy reviews with an artistic twist. I love the cartoons.

The Aqua Kink– Tiffy Kink is the black mermaid who reviews sex toys and talks about sex.

Viens Pour Toi– VPT VPT strives to help everyone develop an understanding of their self pleasure preferences, developing greater self-knowledge to find greater fulfilment.

The O Box Blog– The O is a happily married couple keeping their sex life hot by writing sex toy reviews.

If you prefer your sexual information in video form instead of the written word...

Watts The Safeword– Pup Amp and Mr. Kristofer run an all inclusive LGBTQ+ sex education and BDSM lifestyle media channel. They are spectacularly puny entertainment as well as informative.

The Ins and Outs with Erika Lynae– Erika creates videos on YouTube that are a sex education + sex toy review series.

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