Titan Wand by Viotec- Review

In my opinion, Viotec has some of the best packaging for their pleasure products. I don’t know if they had gift-giving in mind, but they always remind me of chocolate boxes harboring orgasmic devices instead of tasty confectionary treats. The Titan wand they sent me was dressed in no less than this sweet boxed perfection.

If you go on Viotec’s website they describe themselves as a luxury brand and by the appearance, I would believe their products would cost much more than they actually are.

The Titan wand is currently priced at $76.99, but if I was to make a guess it would have been more than a hundred smackers.

The Titan wand specifically, I find visually beautiful. Its silicone is matte, soft and although I received the Wine Red, it also comes in blue or black options.

The handle has some weight to it and is made up of a material that feels like a slick faux leather and is ringed with a decorative metal band that wraps around the handle, below the neck, reminding me of a necklace.

Of course, the most interesting detail is how Viotec has been opting for touch screen activation rather than the sole use of buttons. Although it took a little fiddling initially, I easily got the hang of operating it.

The touch screen is sensitive enough to increase and decrease speed easily with even light pressure on the jet black panel.

Some may wonder if holding the handle would be a problem, but for me, it really wasn’t. I have a habit of holding my wands with my pinkie in the crook of the wand’s neck so it kind of keeps me anchored with my thumb free to navigate the controls.

Awe inspiring talent, I know.

FYI, there is no way that trick would work with a Magic Wand. Just saying, she’s a big b.

There is a “Boost Button Function” that I both love and hate at the same time. I love that you can reach the highest setting in an instant, but you also have to hold it down which can be a drag. It does tend to make it easier while orgasming, to ease off the gas when you are wanting to slow things down.

How did the Titan treat me in bed?

Revving my 9,000 RPM motor, I was off! And easily got off. Power is not an issue for this wand. The head also covers a wide enough area to arouse a good majority of my vulva.

Other functions to consider…

The Titan has five intensities and seven different patterns.

It is can be charged by USB cord.

The Titan is not waterproof, but splash-proof. This means that you do not want to submerge your wand. Do not take it into the bath/shower with you. Do not dunk it while cleaning, although you can wipe down the handle.

I would also not recommend inserting the handle in any orifices. The reason being it would probably be harder to clean as well as it looks like it would be uncomfortable. 🙂

The Titan is very quiet as far as sex toys go. Not whisper quiet but soft hum quiet even on the highest setting.

It has a flexible neck that is attached to a super soft head. Squishing it with your fingers feels similar to a stress ball or the squishies kids have been getting from Walmart.

Final thoughts…

The Titan’s strength, size, and the “Boost Button Function” reminded me a whole lot of the Femmefunn Ultra Wand which happens to be one of my favorites, that I always seem to make my way back to. Of course, they look nothing alike.

Ultimately, I thought this was a very good wand, especially for the reasonable price.

There is enough power to wow your clit and orgasm legit. It would also make a wonderful gift-giving idea for a partner or a bestie.

And, yes, I am aware of how corny my writing can be.

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