LELO Enigma Review

When I was approached with the opportunity to review LELO’s new dual stimulation toy, Enigma, I was both intrigued and honestly a bit hesitant about the endeavor.

On one hand, this gadget looked beautiful, with its shiny ombre-colored faceplate and somewhat seahorse resemblant shape.

Luxury sex toy brand, LELO, boasted unknown pleasure, rapidly building orgasms, and intense deep orgasms that come in waves.

Sounds spectacular, right? 

Most vagina owners would surely leap at the offer to tickle their tacos with this sure-to-please pink dual vibration device.

The other hand? A horrible former experience with an evil dual stim gadget called the Moon Rabbit, that was also supposed to massage your g-spot while sucking your clit.

That THING was a HUGE mistake!  

My sweet pink pleasure provider 💗

Not only did the purple bastard not take me to the moon, but it sucked up my hooded clit as well as some extra flesh and pinched the ever-loving shit out of me.  Did the little asshole have teeth?

It felt like a bite… well, a non-pleasure-inducing bite.

And that was before I started reviewing, so I actually wasted my own mother-effing money on that piece of garbage as well as had it assault my vagina meat.  

Thanking my lucky stars, my use of the Enigma went far better.

No citorides (plural for clitoris) were hurt in the making of this review.

The unexpected experience…

Each time that I have used the Enigma, it didn’t last long. In the best way possible. No struggle… ever.

Insertion of the g-spot stimulator is easy and can go as deep as you desire with the high flexibility of the neck. For me, it was super comfortable and made even easier with some water-based lube.

The little mouth opening that takes in your sensitive clit skin is very gentle and non-aggressive seeming, unlike some others that deal in air suction/pulsation.  

Using Enigma to masturbate feels very relaxing and I could feel my orgasm building ridiculously fast. Every time has been a matter of minutes with ongoing, and deep-felt release.

I’m very much a wand and bullet type of gal, but using the Enigma has fantastic internal sensations without even having to thrust. More than anything I squeezed my pelvic muscles and slightly rocked the handle.

I feel like maybe LELO has spoiled me now. Not many toys can get me off so thoroughly with so little effort.

The features…

Sonic Wave Technology- We’re not talking coin collecting hedgehogs here! Honestly, I have no idea of the science behind how this mystical, sucking orifice does the voodoo that it do. I’m just thankful it does.

This magical orgasm-inducing artifact comes with eight vibration settings.  

It is one-hundred percent waterproof for your cleaning convenience and bath-time pleasure.

It comes with a one-year warranty which is far from unheard of, but they also give you a little card inside the package for registering your product online. Fancy.

The Enigma also comes with a silky, draw-string storage pouch.

Charging is made easy with a USB charger.

When in use this product is on the lower end of the vibrator noise level spectrum. Whisper quiet? No, but unless someone has their ear to the door (stalker?) or just trying to be nosey, I doubt others in the household would notice.

LELO’s Enigma is made with super soft, premium body-safe silicone. 

What my sister had to say about hers…

“I get off in about one to two minutes, which is nice for a quick stress release when I need it. I really enjoy the wave settings where it gets stronger and then lighter on the medium settings which is surprising since I normally don’t care for vibrator patterns. It’s also nice to get off so easily since I struggle to get off with a partner. Oh, and it’s pretty”.

Final thoughts- quiz edition…

Could this product make me orgasm rapidly? 

In my case, this was in fact true. Some products are actually a letdown for me since they have great feedback from customers and/or other reviewers, only to lead me to disappointment.

Bodies are uniquely different and what works for others sometimes doesn’t work for me.

With the anti-depressants I take, some toys just don’t have the oomph to get me where I need to go. Enigma honestly doesn’t feel overwhelmingly strong, but somehow whatever it does just happens to work wonderfully for my body.

Was Enigma able to give me strong orgasms?

Again, I’m going to have to go with true. They were long and strong… and down to get the friction on. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. 

Although I enjoyed the length of my time getting off, I did, however, have to turn down the intensity after a few seconds and ride the rest of the wave on a lower setting.

LELO Enigma also comes in black for those who just aren’t into pink!

Would I say that LELO brought me unknown pleasure?  

No, not exactly. But, I tend to masturbate more than the average bear.

This product blew my expectations out of the water, and for someone who doesn’t have their bedroom full of totes of sexy-time tools, this definitely has the potential to give someone a more explosive, longer-lasting orgasm than they are used to or have had before.

You may want to consider treating your twat to a poke in the low whiskers with LELO’s Swedish-designed dual-action sonic massager. I’m so glad I have mine!

3 thoughts on “LELO Enigma Review

  1. I have to put my 2 cents in on this one, that it truly is an amazing toy. I feel no need FOR another toy. I like the different settings, it hits my g spot perfectly, and literally I get off in a few minutes, where most other ones I’ve tried takes a while. (With the exception of the satisfyer, that one is nice) but not nearly as good as this. If you could pick only one toy, get this one for sure!!!

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