We-Vibe Tango X- Review

At the beginning of my We-Vibe Tango journey, I had read so many great reviews about the original by We-Vibe. I of course wanted to experience the orgasming-inducing little rumble stick for myself.

I was met with a mixture of pleasure and frustration.

Fast forward to the release of the We-Vibe Tango X. There has been so much excitement surrounding this product and I was hesitantly hopeful that this new version would be my chance to share in the pleasure enjoyed by so many.

Here is the thing. Both products, original and the snazzy new X, feel phenomenal, but they can only be a warm-up for my annoyingly picky clit.

I like many humans have a chemical imbalance that I take medication daily for. I am an emotionally super sensitive person who deals with depression and anxiety and medication is the only way to not cure, but take the edge off, so I can function more normal-ish.

This leads me to my annoyingly underwhelming review experience.

I could feel just how amazingly rumbly this new toy was. I mean just setting it down on my desk, it likes to hip hop about. And it does feel lovely on my sensitive bits.

But my clit does not respond the way I would like it to sometimes. I can definitely enjoy the sensation, but it does not have the speed to get me off the way I need to, to enjoy the experience. With the Tango-X I was able to have a forced orgasm that felt like it took forever and was severely underwhelming, but nobody would rejoice over an eh nut.

I believe that anyone who doesn’t have to deal with their clit in a somewhat zombie-mode would be able to delight in this bullet vibrator, and there is a lot of really good reviews to back it up.

Using it as a warm-up toy while masturbating is still pleasurable for me as well as adding to the sensation of sex since it fits well between partners.

It just sadly won’t ever be my grand finale.

Above: Red is Tango X and Black is Tango from the Silver Delights Limited Edition Set.

Features for the non-sleepy clit owners to consider…

The marketing isn’t lying. The Tango X is a super-duper rumbly little bullet vibe. It deserves all the hype it gets and is worth the $70 price tag.

It says in the information packet that there are seven rhythm vibration patterns, but for me, they just feel like extremely rumbly intensity modes. I am perfectly fine without being able to distinguish the different patterns since I’m not a fan of them anyway. I much prefer solid intensities.

It advertizes whisper quiet. Although I’m not a fan of the term, it is on the quieter end of the sex toy spectrum.

It comes with a travel lock. If you are on the go, this may be an important feature for you. To activate you hold both of the two buttons available for two seconds. To unlock you do the same thing again.

The Tango X now has a silicone grip handle which I find nice. It also keeps it from rolling off the nightstand more than the original.

Above: Red is Tango X, Black is Tango from the Silver Delights Limited Edition Set, and Pink is Exposed Nocturnal Rechargeable Lipstick Vibrator.

The USB charger is better in my opinion. Yes, it is differently shaped, but the magnet on the end that attaches to the Tango X is stronger. This may seem insignificant to some, but for me, I find it important. It was easy to set the original on the charger, but it was more easily bumped off. It’s annoying to think that you are about to get busy with a fully charged toy only to realize it hasn’t been juicing up at all.

It comes with a little trial sized packet of water-based personal lubricant and a silky storage bag.

One of my favorite features is the slanted head of the Tango and Tango X. This allows for very precise, and more intense stimulation.

For those of you who sometimes feel like your vagina is half asleep or drunk…

I have reviewed a similar product by Blush called Exposed Nocturnal Rechargeable Lipstick Vibrator. It is very similar in shape. It is very buzzy and not rumbly at all which some people don’t care for, but for me, it has the speed I need to have an amazing orgasm.

My best play-times with Tango X have been using it to warm up and enjoy the more rumbly, pulsing sensations it offers and. then when I’m closer to the edge, rather than struggle and become irritated, I switch bullets.

This allows me to feel wonderfully satisfied rather than annoyed and disappointed that I don’t feel like my body is responding the way it should.


All bodies are different, unusual, and should enjoy pleasure. If you are different and feel discouraged just remember that normal is boring and you are anything but.

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