G Real- Review

At first sight, G Real looks like your average run of the mill dildo. A peachy flesh tone. Your average phallic shape. What was G Vibe playing at?

When reading the features, it lists that it is made out of their revolutionary, body-safe bioskin. “As close to the human body as possible”. Hmmm…

I have had the pleasure of reviewing their G Jack before, and although the head of this dildo had a similar feel to it, it just didn’t have the same dreamy, squishy give to it.

I was actually kind of disappointed since I really liked my last encounter with their bioskin. G Jack’s material was just different than what other toys are typically made of and didn’t irritate my sometimes sensitive cervix.

It felt similar to a dual-density dildo. It did however have a softness to it and I appreciated how much detail they put into their mold. Lots of nicely done veins and they even paid special attention to the little ripples the ballsack has.

My experience…

G Real is actually rather nice in action. The motor is stronger than I would have thought. G Vibe, I’ve noticed, has motors in their products that are more powerful than you would think based on the sound.

G Real tends to be very quiet when used in hand to hole combat. Sliding and gliding easily with some water based lube. Romancing you with a beautifully curved shaft and a gentle hum.

The same was true when I slapped it on the shower wall and turned it on. And, since this dildo is water-proof you can always back your butt up to the wall for a steamy shower session.

G Real was however was not simply humming when I attached it to my desk while working on this article. Turning it on then made it sound like a demon wanting to devour my soul.

Other features to consider…

In the description online it actually lists its “fancy color”, which I’m not quite sure about since this seems like the go to color for most dildos since the dawn of incertable silicone.

G Real comes with six vibration modes, but I tend to prefer the solid intensity option, as with most toys. Patterns just seem wasted on my basic twat.

It comes with a magnetic charger which is always nice since battery-powered anything is unpleasant pain in the rear. And this of course allows it to be sealed up tight making it waterproof for added bath time fun and easy cleaning after.


I enjoyed using this product. I’m not sure if it is worth the $99 price tag, but G Vibe did a really good job with this one. I do however wish that it would have had a similar dreamy feel to it as the G Jack since they are created using the same material.

If you are interested in the G Real or any of the products from GVibe.com you can use the code NIKKINELSON for 10% off your purchase.

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