Pris Toys is a brand spanking new company that creates remarkably, beautiful dildos and plugs. All of their masterpieces are clearly a labor of love. Each one of their molded designs has been handcrafted. Then poured individually with bright, completely body-safe platinum grade silicone.

With a name like Pris Toys, I couldn’t help but be curious about how they decided on their name.

One of the owners said that Pris is Daryl Hannah’s character from Blade Runner, who was a renegade pleasure android. They thought that it seemed appropriate and it popped into their head at just the right time.

“Although if the estate of Philip K. Dick comes after me it’s French for “taken” I believe. That’s where it actually came from”. 🙂

How was Pris Toys founded?

A few months into the heaping dumpster fire that was the pandemic during 2020, the owners were unable to find work. They then devised a plan to use their experience in film special effects and knowledge of sex toys to create their own, now blossoming, business.

They can easily be classified as artists for the extraordinary work they do. Unfortunately for us, they prefer to keep their identities anonymous since there is so much stigma surrounding the sex industry.

These faceless silicone slingers did reveal however that they were currently based in Texas. Time to wrangle up some dildos, partner. 🙂

How are they liking their new gig?

“We’re enjoying being able to produce a quality product with our own vision and aesthetic, as well as being able to stand by the ethics of our business and not be at the mercy of someone else’s questionable politics”.

Other important information to know about Pris Toys as a company?

These mysterious dildo distributers donate five percent of every sale (including wholesale) to a rotating selection of organizations that aid BIPOC, LGBTQA+, and sex worker communities.

During their first two months of being in business, they donated to G.L.I.T.S. Inc. (Gays & Lesbians Living in a Transgender Society) and SWOP USA (Sex Workers Outreach Project).

My personal experience with the Pris Toys company…

They sent me two of their newer products that can both be found at

Gemini Dual Stimulation Silicone Dildo

Gemini is absolutely gorgeous and is the only creation so far from Pris Toys that has a bullet cavity that allows for vibration. Mine came with a little bullet vibe included.

Not only is the bulbed head shaped to pleasure your G-Spot or P-Spot internally, but it also has an extra bit to stimulate your external areas.

This groovy lava lamp-esque dildo is crafted with a firmer silicone.

Super Nova 6.5 Dual Density Silicone Dildo With Balls

This is one girthy monster! I was a bit nervous about taking it at first, but the fact that it’s dual-density and squishy on the outside made insertion comfortable. Sigh of relief.

The head of the Super Nova is super squishy as well as along the shaft, but the internal silicone is much stiffer allowing for easy thrusting. The stiffer sparkly silicone is what is used along the base and leads to the little squishy balls.

Anyone who is in the market for a bulging, girthy dildo, look no further. This would be love at first slide.

Both of these silicone gems have the ability to be used with a harness, are anal safe, and were made in the United States.

The takeaway…

Not only are these products created with spectacular craftsmanship, but the individuals behind the delightful ding-a-lings were a pleasure to work with. Not only do they facilitate artsy, body-safe dildos, they also care and contribute to making the sex community a better place.

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