Rose Uncorked- Review

Calexotics might be on to something when they come out with vibrators that play to the little lush in most of us. I’m a thirty-something woman, and I just couldn’t find the willpower to resist. Uncorked is their new line and each one is named for a different wine. The one I chose? A pink Rose bullet.

Normally I go for a nice bubbly glass of Moscato Di Asti since I have a sweet tooth and dessert wine is my jam. Especially, with pizza or pasta. That however was not one of their options.


So, I got into my pink and white fuzzy slipper socks that have wine time written on the bottom, lit me a candle, and poured me a glass… well, to be honest, a red solo cup, of wine.

Long story as to why I don’t currently have my wine glasses at the moment that we can skip over.

My experience…

Really, what does wine have to with vibrators? Probably not too much, unless you are planning to have a few and take advantage of yourself. (I do really love the theme).

I do however have a mental picture of someone at the Calexotics company hiding with a comically large net, using these as bait, and lying in wait to catch themselves a soccer mom or two.

Wine themed or not, my Rose Uncorked bullet did the trick. On the higher settings, it easily had enough power to get me off. I enjoyed running it along the left side of my labia to feel the vibrations through my pelvis as well as the obvious use on my clit.

As far as bullet length goes, this one is long enough to easily be inserted into the vagina. I would however refrain from using it anally since it doesn’t have a flared base to keep it from getting lost.


Other features to consider…

It may not be a big deal to other people, but I absolutely love the box. They did such a good job! It looks like a box of wine and makes this vibrator very giftable.

Rose has 10 different speed settings. I was super excited when initially playing around with it, that it didn’t have any patterns, and only accelerating speeds. Normally fancy vibes like loading up on a bunch of patterns I never use.

Rose is waterproof. So, not only can you wash it easily, you should go get drunk in the tub. 🙂

It comes with a USB rechargeable self-sealing port.

And of course, Calexotics made sure everything is made with body-safe silicone that is unscented and phthalate-free.

And it’s beautiful…


The Rose bullet from the Uncorked line was enjoyable and I would highly recommend it. It would also make a wonderful gift for that special someone, whether you are in the doghouse or just because you care.

Now to finish off my night with the rest of my bottle, some Little Ceasers, and watching reruns of Friends.

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