FemmeFunn Booster Bullet- Review

When I was given the chance to try out the FemmeFunn’s Booster Bullet and giveaway two on my website I was more than thrilled.

One of my favorite go-to toys in the bedroom is my always fun, gets the job done, FemmeFun Ultra Wand. So, of course, I was excited to try out another one of their deliciously fun clit tickling products.

I love clit stimulators. As I’ve stated before I am a girl who cannot get off on vaginal stimulation alone. My body just does not roll that way.

Also, I like many, happen to take antidepressants, on a daily basis, which tends to make my clit on the sleepier side. So, a toy has to have a little extra Va Va Voom to get me off.

The experience?

There were no problems what-so-ever. This feisty bullet has enough power for me to reach the finish line in record time without leaving my vagina feeling like it’s been given a hefty shot Novocain.

I love that some of FemmeFunn’s products include their magic “Booster Button”. It is one of my favorite features. It takes you from the beginning low setting and allows you to jump to the highest steady speed without having to rifle through all the settings to get there. LOVE!

Other features to consider…

The FemmeFunn Booster Bullet comes with its own unique travel case that also doubles as its charging stand (USB). This comes in handy when you’re wanting to power up on your desk or nightstand. You simply close the lid and your bullet won’t scream to the world, “Sex Toy juicing up HERE”!

The Booster Bullet is made with a lovely feeling, matte silicone that is one hundred percent body-safe.

It is completely waterproof for ease of cleaning and masturbating in the shower.

This bullet is very flexible at the neck, which was a nice surprise seeing as how it was not listed as a feature on the box.

Even though it is a stronger bullet, it is not obnoxiously noisy.


I’m going to have to put the FemmeFunn Booster Bullet in the same category as the Ultra Wand and label it as one of my favorite go-to toys.

It’s got the power to get me off, it’s easy to use, easy to clean, and cute. In my opinion, everything that’s needed for a perfect bullet option.

So far FemmeFunn has been two for two in my book!

You can also purchase one from The Vibed. You can use the discount code Nikki15 at the checkout for 15% off and they offer free shipping on orders over only $15. Woot! Woot!

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