Temperature Play

Temperature play is used by many members of the BDSM community to sensually enhance a sexual experience by using heat and cold to stimulate the body.  

You too can use these forms of sensual play in the bedroom even if you aren’t a rope bunny or into a nice paddling. Temperature play is a simple form of foreplay anyone can use to spice up their sexual experiences. Even if you happen to be more on the vanilla side.

Where to start?

When most people hear the term temperature play, they usually imagine ice… I sure do.  

Icecubes can be an easy and pretty safe way to introduce cold sensation to the bedroom. If you want to start out slow, and just dip your toes in, sucking on an ice cube and then licking or kissing your partner’s body is the way to go. You could also use it to slide along the length of their torso.

Expanding on this idea, you could also try out a variety of foods. Ice cream and popsicles are very commonly used, but feel free to use your imagination. If you and your partner are turned on by hot kisses with a mouth full of steamy mashed potatoes, go for it! It might be strange, but at least you can’t be called boring.

What about sex toys?

I love sex toys, obviously! If you’ve taken a quick peek around my website you would easily be able to guess I’m pretty into sex toys. And changing the temperature can definitely enhance your encounter.  

The easiest options to warm or cool would be dildos or anal plugs that are metal or glass materials. Silicone (my favorite) will also work but may take slightly longer.

An easy way to get them hot or cold would be to hold them under running water. I would highly recommend not doing something crazy like nuking them in the microwave. Nobody wants to explain to the fire department that their house caught on fire because they made their dildo recklessly explode.

Are there any other options?

I was wary about trying low burning candle wax but found the encounter somewhat pleasurable. I don’t think it’s for everyone, but people who do enjoy it seem to really get turned on by the act of dripping it on their partner or being on the receiving end.

It is super important to use the appropriate types of candles. If playing with hot wax is something you and your partner would like to explore further you don’t want to end up with severe burns. Low burning candles are a must!

Don’t just go grabbing the one you bought at Walmart off the coffee table. They are not the same and you will not enjoy the occurrence. Promise!

You can check out Master Series Fetish Drip Candles. These or a similar set would make a great introductory kit.

All in all, it’s is about what you and your partner feel comfortable with. Explore all the different sensations temperature has to offer, consensually of course.

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