Stardust Charm- Beauty And Quality Do Not Go Hand In Hand

Stardust Charm Vibrator in a decorative bowl.

I was super excited when my Stardust Charm with Swarovski Crystals arrived in the mail. Unwrapping it from the packaging, it was stunningly beautiful.

I chose the gorgeous blue version for myself. However, there is also the option of white, black, and pink. The other colors are equally lovely.

I cleaned it and then hooked it up at my desk to charge, as is my ritual with all of my new review products that vibrate.

After it had time to fully charge I tested the vibe on my hand to see exactly what I would be working with. My heart sank with disappointment.

In life, we realize that looks aren’t everything, and it is the same with sex toys. It can be the most magnificent looking vibrator you have ever seen, but if the vibe is weak and poorly designed? It really isn’t worth a damn.

I would rather have an ugly vibrator that rocked my world than an astatically pleasing one that couldn’t fulfil its intended use.

My experience…

Pushing past my enital disapointment of testing the vibe on my hand, I was deturmined to give it a fair go.

Inserted, the Stardust was nothing to write home about.

The vibe’s power is all located in the silicone wrapped handle. Sadly the vibration barely travels down the glass shaft where the Swarovski crystals are encased.

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It was very similar to masturbating with a normal glass dildo rather than a vibrator. And that isn’t what you are paying for. Not to mention the shape for a glass dildo is blah.

Testing the Stardust externally was slightly better, but barely. Using the glass end was again a disappointment, but when I turned it around and used the silicone handle where the motor is housed on my clit, I managed to have a very weak, forced orgasm. I can’t imagine that using the handle as the only means to get off was the intended use when they were designing this though.

A better bullet option would be Dysis, Femmefunn Booster Bullet, or Exposed Nocturnal.

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Other features, if you’re actually still interested…

  • The Stardust Charm is USB rechargeable.
  • It is relatively easy to clean.
  • Stardust has seven different vibrating functions, although I didn’t really care for any of them.
  • Stardust Charm is controlled by one button that you hold down to turn on, and then press to shuffle through the vibration patterns. I’m not a fan of patterns on the best of days.
  • The Stardust Charm is made of silicone, and borosilicate glass. Obviously the glass houses the crystals.
  • It isn’t the quietest toy out there. It’s definitely audible but also has the extra rattling of the crystals when it is turned on.

Final Thoughts…

If you can’t tell by now, I’m not exactly a fan. The only way I would honestly recommend this product to someone would be if they were looking for a pretty, overly expensive paper weight.

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