Five Forms of Foreplay-Besides Oral

When you have a sexual partner that knows what they are doing while going down on you, the result can be pure bliss. I’m sure many people would attest to that. But what are some other forms of foreplay that can really get you going? Here are my top five alternatives to oral sex… well, since I’m the one writing this and variety is the spice of life.


Okay, so I’m sure there are people out there who wouldn’t exactly consider this one romantic, but for the right receiving individual and the right partner setting the scene this can be an amazing experience. Simply waiting while strong sure hands tie me up, can really get me going, and I am slip and slide wet in no time. There is a lot of anticipation and I love giving up my control to Daddy. Throw a spreader bar in the mix and you have yourself a sensational night.

For a little inspiration check out Bondage For A Bargain.


For those who are on the more traditional romantic side! I love when I get to lay back, completely naked, and enjoy a nice rub down. Lately, we have been using a hemp seed massage and body oil that is spectacular. It is slightly warming but does not irritate my sensitive skin. Not only is it extremely intimate but you are getting moisturized at the same time. Two birds with one sexy stone.


Although this one usually goes hand in hand with being tied up, I think it should be listed since it is exciting on its own account. It can be very thrilling to feel the soft leather (or faux in my case, poor moo moos) caress your body before a nice crack on the ass. Of course, a thwack other places are always nice, but a good booty busting is my absolute favorite.


I know that this one may seem on the juvenile side, but I still love receiving sexy messages or dirty memes from Daddy throughout the day. Knowing that he’s thinking naughty thoughts about me while he’s away at work is an easy turn on. Who wouldn’t want to hear that their love is wanting to fuck them from behind while grabbing a fist full of their hair? This girl sure does! Not to mention a quick snapshot of his man meat is always nice.

Body Kisses

I have to admit that this one is by far my favorite! I love the feeling of his tender lips moving all over my body with his soft beard hairs trailing along my skin. He takes his time and the result incredible. It’s very focused attention for the affection whore that I am and it tickles. Especially when he roams over the parts of my body that normally don’t receive attention.

That’s it guys and gals! Hope you have gained some sexual inspiration that you can apply to your night. Or day if that’s what you prefer. Trying new ways to turn each other on keeps things from getting stale and it’s fun to explore new, exciting possibilities.

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