LuzArte Groove and Jollet- Review

LuzArte is an endearing company that reimagined what a woman’s masturbatory toy could be. Instead of replicating another mundane meat whistle in a slightly different color or adding a few “pleasure bumps or ridges”, they completely changed the game.

Rather than the typical phallic design, they ventured to recreate the inner silhouette of the vagina and thus hitting internal stimulation out of the park.

And so the enchanting Jollet line was born!

I won’t lie, what initially intrigued me wasn’t the science behind the shape. It was, of course, all of the whimsical, beautifully crafted patterns to choose from. I scrolled through the LuzArte website in awe of their darling designs and finally decided on their Leopard Print Jollet with golden sparkles.

I was overjoyed when it arrived and was pleasantly surprised by how much care went into their packaging. Not only was it in a pretty box with satiny material to line it, but they included a little bottle of organic toy cleaning spray, a vibrating bullet, and a nice little travel bag printed with their logo.

I was ecstatic when they were willing to send me another, free to test not long after I had purchased my first. This one was their Polka Dot Groove complete with the same amazing packaging as the first with the addition of some darling stickers.

So, what is it like to insert one of these fabulous vagina pleasers?

To be honest, I was a bit taken aback by how firm they were. From the pictures, I suppose I figured they would be a bit squishier. They however are meant to act more like a vaginal plug rather than a normal dildo where you thrust to your heart’s content.

Sliding the bulging shaft through my meat curtains and into my vagina, I felt completely filled and all of my sensitive sugar walls received the attention they desired. Rather than the standard in and out motion, I opted for a slight rocking putting even more pressure on the tender area located behind my pubic bone.

You know the one, ladies.

The hump is shaped to press right up against that special area and with a bullet vibrator or wand on your clit, the sensation is orgasmic bliss. The Groove has a base I prefer, flaring wider than the original Jollet form, complete with little finger grips.

Each and one is hand-poured, with body-safe silicone, so you can be sure that love and care went into making your very own LuzArte product. And, oh, the choices! There are so many gorgeous choices, to fit many different personality types.

The experience is such a completely different sensation than masturbating with other sex toys. If you make a space in your toy box for one of these pretty products, they may just wind up in your hearts as well.

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