G Vibe Mini- Review

The G Vibe Mini is an adaptation of the original G Vibe. Some women were intrigued by the design, but wary of the initial size.

FunToys reduced the bulk but kept all the functionality of its larger version.

Men and women everywhere rejoice for this gender-inclusive tiny toy!


The best perk of the G Vibe Mini is its versatility. It’s designed with both genders in mind. It can fill the vagina with both bendable, silicone arms inserted for a feeling of fullness or one may be inserted with the other massaging externally on your clit or booty hole.

Men can use this mini vibe as a prostate massager, using one arm to be inserted in the anus and the other to massage the gooch. It can also be used to vibrate and massage the shaft of the penis if that’s your thing.

Its flexible design allows the silicone tips to adjust to different anatomy sizes. I won’t say that it’s a one size fits all product, but it would defiantly work for the vast majority of users.

The G vibe Mini has two motors that power six vibration modes that vary in intensity. The control button panel is easy to navigate, with three buttons, and convenient placement.

It is created using hypoallergenic medical grade silicone. Masturbating with body-safe materials is so important for the health of your most intimate areas.

The G Vibe Mini is one-hundred percent waterproof for easy cleaning and the ability to use it as a bath time toy.

You can charge your Mini with its red, magnetic USB charger. It has a lifespan of up to a whopping four hours when fully charged.

The G Vibe Mini offers a three-year warranty on their fantastic toys!

You can also take advantage of the Mini’s travel lock and compact stature (slightly less than four inches end to end) by making it your travel companion. Who doesn’t like orgasms when hitting the road?

My Experience…

Was actually pretty underwhelming. Although I think that it was a great idea in theory… the execution was off. Try as I might, this one was a bust for me.


Whether you are sporting a G-Spot or a P-Spot, looking for internal stimulation or external, the G Vibe Mini is worth giving a whirl.

With its versatility and flexible nature, the pleasurable possibilities with a partner or alone are endless. See what sexy sensations you can experience with the G Vibe Mini.

You can use the code NIKKINELSON at Gvibe.com for 10% off your purchase!

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