321 Blast Off- Review

Lovey Productions was kind enough to send me their 321 Blast Off acrylic dildo. They are a sweet company whose products are made in the United States. The box has the tag line Best little toy from California and for the low price of $32.95, they may just be right.

They have the slogan Made by Women for Everyone! which is wonderful that they consider men as well when designing their toys.

LuzArte Products

The Eagle has landed… (design)

The Blast Off is adorned with three balls on one end, two in the middle of the curved shaft, and one on the other end. When in use, these spheres are used for extra stimulation both inside and out.

Either end can be inserted, to inspire internal delight while the middle orbs arouse your external erogenous zones such as the clitoris or taint. Pretty stellar.

The serpentine curves of the Blast Off allow for direct, ray-gun focused stimulation to either the G-Spot or P-Spot, depending on what anatomy you’re working with. Yay, for gender-inclusive toys!

If you go for Uranus insertion, this toy does not have a flared base, but the curvature and length allow for safe play. No worries about it getting lost due to gravitational pull. 🙂

The Blast Off is not meant to enter farther than the first curve. Use one bend to stimulate while using the other as a handle to direct your dildo where to go. I would recommend a rocking back and forth motion rather than using your thrusters, but it’s all about personal preference.

Also, the Blast Off pairs well with your favorite clit vibrator such as a bullet or a wand. It can make your orgasms out of this world… yes, pun intended.

When you wish upon a star… (material)

This beautiful Blast Off is created using one-hundred percent acrylic material. Meaning it is super smooth, slick, and rigid.

Also, it makes cleaning is almost effortless. Soap and warm water easily do the trick and with no annoying crevices, it isn’t time-consuming.

Be sure that you never use harsh chemicals when washing your acrylic dildo. A simple rule of thumb would be cleaning it like you would wash your hands. Everyone should be well-practiced, what with living in the age of Corona.

Love you to the moon and back… (conclusion)

The Blast Off would make an amazing exploratory toy for the novice pleasure product enthusiast as well as a seasoned pro.

Now, go forth and masturbate to avoid self-combustion. To infinity and beyond!

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