Jopen Callie Mini Wand- Review

When I received Jopen’s Callie Mini Wand, I was super pumped. It radiated elegance, and I couldn’t help thinking this is what rich people must use to get a nut before retreating to their yacht or after dinner at a five-star restaurant.

The bullet-like shaft is made of white, silky-soft premium silicone that feels like satin. The removable base is glistening gold, complete with a beautiful gemstone control button.

Even the packaging is aesthetically splendid, dressed in white with golden accents. The box opens on the side and is magnetized, making it easily worthy of gift-giving for a special someone.

My experience…

First, with it’s more bullet-like shape, I had to try it out as a clit stimulator. Although it warmed me up and got me hot, it was not enough to get me off the way I would like. Personally, I need a stronger vibration to get an outstanding clitoral orgasm, and the power just wasn’t there.

Then I used it as an insertable to go deep v diving and the game changed.

The Callie has an insertable length of about three inches, but if you know where you’re going, this is all you need. 🙂

Using the Jopen Callie inside my lady walls while using a stronger bullet on my clit was the trick to achieving a stellar orgasm. Squeezing my puss muscles with this polished product buzzing inside made all the difference.

Other features to consider…

There are seven vibration functions to skim through, all controlled with the single gem button.

It’s made of body-safe premium silicone.

It is one-hundred percent waterproof for ease of cleaning and use as a bath buddy.

The Callie comes with a USB charger. You unscrew the golden base to reveal the charging port.

Jopen offers a one-year warranty on this pleasure product.

This was honestly one of the quietest products I’ve had the opportunity to review. Although noise level isn’t something high on my list, I know that it is relevant to others who don’t want the people they live with knowing every time they want to tickle their twat.

In conclusion…

If you are looking for a vibe that doesn’t have power tool strength intensity, this classy little bitch may just do the trick. She’s quiet, chic, and stimulatingly stunning.

This product can be purchased for only $37.85 at Use the code NIKKI15 to get an awesome 15% off! Free shipping with orders over $15!

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