FemmeFunn Ultra Wand- Review

Femmefunn Ultra Wand

Let’s just cut to the chase and say that I love the FemmeFunn Ultra Wand and that she’s one classy bitch.

I have no problem letting her dittle my clittle.

When you don’t feel like breaking out the big guns and using your Hitachi Magic Wand, this is the toy for you. It is super intense and I had no problem getting off with ease… the first or fifth time. 🙂

Not to mention it would be a much better choice for travel than hauling around the heavy artillery.

Key Noteworthy Features

The Ultra Wand comes with ten different intensities. None of them are weak. So if you have a super sensitive clit, you may want to consider indirect stimulation. Through panties would work for some. As for me, I was stoked.

There are three varying constant vibration settings, as well as seven separate patterns to choose from.

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The Femmefunn Ultra Wand has two simple buttons that are beyond easy to use. One powers the wand on and is used to cycle through the vibration modes, and the other is the Boost Button. This allows you to zip from whatever mode you are currently using to the highest setting. Perfect for when you find yourself on the edge of climaxing and you want an extra jolt of power. The Oh, Yes Moment.

The Ultra Wand is completely decked out in premium silicone, which means you are working with one-hundred percent body-safe orgasmic goodness.

And the texture? Divinely silky. I’ve had other wands with handles made of plastic and of course, the Diamond Rechargeable Wand that was covered in rhinestones (nice and scratchy, gasp). There has never been a wand that feels so soft and comfortable in my hand. And when you’re feeling up your toys you want it to be made of a material you would want to rub against your genitals. Not repel you. This one does the trick!

It also has a magnetic USB charger which happens to be my favorite kind. It’s a huge pain in the rear to change out batteries, and I prefer it to outlet cords. While I’m writing at my desk or charging my phone, I can easily hook it up with no fuss. No trying to stick it in the tiny hole. A little red light will notify you when it’s juicing up.

The FemmeFunn Ultra Wand also happens to be entirely waterproof. This means it makes a wonderful shower companion as well as a breeze to clean after the deed is done. If efficiency is something you fancy, you could always multitask and knock out both those birds with one fucking stone.

Most people prefer a flexible partner and The Ultra Wand’s head is no exception. It is very bendable at the neck.

Attention odd ducks! You’re in luck!

And, if like me, you too are a dork who normally uses a hairbrush or similar item as a pretend microphone, you are in luck! Perfect size and shape!

After sex last night I interviewed my boyfriend with my new blue bumble stick and it worked fantastic. Yes, his response into the head of the wand is necessary. Thanks for the participation, babe!

The drawback?

The only consideration that may be a drawback for some people is the noise level. Although it’s not the loudest I’ve heard it has an audible, rumbly hum. I personally don’t mind it, but some might not want to announce their masturbatory sessions to their housemates if they don’t live alone.

Final thoughts

All in all, I am thrilled with The Femmefunn Ultra Wand, and I believe me and my new buzz buddy are in for a beautiful, long-lasting relationship. It is surely a welcome addition to my ever-expanding toybox collection.

If you are interested in purchasing an Ultra Wand you can find it at TheVibed.com. Be sure to use the code NIKKI15 for fifteen percent off your purchase. They also offer free shipping on orders over fifteen dollars.

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