Zumio S- Review

I had previously reviewed the Zumio X, and after a somewhat rocky start, I learned how fabulous of a product it could be. The intense rotation sensation on my lady bits took a bit of self-exploration to find out what worked for me and my initially shocked clit.

Word to the wise… don’t get overeager, crank it on high like a bullet, and apply it to your clitoris. You’ll be in for a rude surprise, and honesty, I should have known better.

I found that indirect stimulation angling it on the side of my clit through my fleshy hood was the ticket and not placing it directly on my sensitive love button.

So, when the opportunity arose for me to give the Zumio S a whirl, I was thrilled. It is the less intense model in the Zumio line and seemed right up my ally.

The S version has a shorter, more rounded tip that still allows for pin-point stimulation delivered to the location of your choice, but on a much milder scale.

Everyone’s body is unique and responds differently to specific stimulation sensations, but the Zumio S was the perfect fit for me, letting me reach orgasm easily while going solo.

Comparative photo of the Zumio S (light purple) and the Zumio X (dark purple).

While doing the dirty…

Many products boast that it can be used easily with a partner, but usually fall flat. In my experience, with Zumio products being so slender, this was true.

With my boyfriend on top and my ankles above his shoulders, using this toy was easy, as well as in the doggy-style position.

I also like laying on my tummy with him on top. Being able to tighten my legs during sex usually helps me reach orgasm faster as well as experience a more intense climax.

We were still able to accomplish this with the Zumio S, but it was a more difficult endeavor than in the other positions and there were times that it would bog down a bit, but that was due to me adding much more pressure I believe.

Other features that should be noted…

The Zumio S is completely submersible which means that you can tickle your bean in the shower or while relaxing in the bathtub. It also makes it easier for cleaning.

It's designed with eight-speed intensities and is pressure sensitive to create a variety of delicious sensations. If you use it lightly there will be more intensity and rotation, whereas if you use firmer pressure there will be a deeper sensation.

It has a locking feature and cap that makes it great for travel, or in my case, just throwing in your purse when you're on the go. True story, bro.

A one-year limited warranty that covers defects in its material or workmanship under normal, recommended use.

It is intended solely for external use only. So, refrain from clam-box and anal insertion. This product was not designed as an all-purpose tool. There are other toys for that.

Your mind can be at ease while polishing your pearl as it's produced with one-hundred percent body-safe materials.

The box boasts that it is whisper-quiet, but I would have to disagree. It's definitely on the lower end of the noise spectrum, but it is still definitely audible. To me, it sounds similar to a pissed off insect.

I love the fact that Zumio products come with a USB corded charging station. It makes it super easy to just drop the toy into the little white stand on my desk than fiddle with plugging it up each time.

Final thoughts…

Although I can't say that this product would satisfy everyone, I do believe that it would please a vast majority of the horny masses. It can be used in a variety of ways on various parts of the body.

So, if you find yourself the new owner of a Zumio, experiment and have fun learning what works for you and your unique body.

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