Warning: Main Squeeze Strokers Can Result Quick Load-Dumping

Two Main Squeeze Strokers side by side on a table with a Halloween themed table cloth.

If you enjoy watching your favorite porn star while you rub one out, you may want to consider getting yourself one of Doc Johnson’s Main Squeeze Strokers.

You have a wide variety of ladies to pick from and the vagina is directly molded from your favorite dirty darling’s love box.

Thevibed.com was nice enough to send me and Daddy two Main Squeeze Strokers to test out. Remy Lacroix and Sasha Grey, and we had a few nights of fun, masturbating in tandem.

The verdict? For the price, these plastic-cased beauties are an amazing steal and each girl comes with her own unique feel.

I would like to apologize for the hole is Sasha Grey’s head. My dog is heavy and very clumsy.

The faux pussy pros?

They are nicely textured with Ultraskyn to create a lifelike texture that you are sure to enjoy.

Similar in sensation to the Soshimi Face Pussy Pocket.

Obviously, the fact that you can pick specifically which porn pussy you would like to fuck is a highly desirable feature.

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The glorious squeeze plate! Where this product clearly gets its name. This is the only stroker that we have had that has had a hard plastic case that allows you to be in control of how much pressure you would like to apply. Most don’t come with the option unless they do not have the outer housing shell. A perk that left Daddy thoroughly satisfied.

Although I have encountered easier to clean strokers, they have always been ones without the plastic casing. This one is very easy to unscrew and disassemble. Both ends of the stroker itself are open so the water can pass through making washing it a breeze.

The outer plastic with top also makes storing your stroker easier.

Cunny cons?

With the wonderfully textured Ultraskyn comes the drawback that it is not made of silicone, but TPE, which runs the risk of being a porous material, and harboring bacteria. This means that you need to be super diligent when it comes to cleaning afterward using a toy cleaning product as well as a mild soap and warm water.

However, TPE is non-toxic material.

One of the features is that the ultraskyn material warms when in use, which is true, but it takes a bit for the friction to make your pork sword nice and toasty. To avoid a chilly member I would recommend slightly warming the lube beforehand or investing in the warming accessory that heats your stroker to body temperature.

So, if you have ever dreamed of putting your Peter pecker in a porn starlet here is your chance!

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