G Pop 2- Review

Color in photo appears lighter than the G Pop 2 really is…

When the G Pop 2 arrived, it was actually smaller than I had expected but very elegant and soft to the touch. The indigo blue is magnificent and has gold gracing the curved handle. You would assume this is the toy royalty must masturbate with.

Our Time With The G Pop 2

We plugged it up for the recommended four hours for the initial charging with the magnetic USB charger (my favorite kind).

That night the experience was highly pleasurable. My love went down on me and after warming me up, turned on our new blue beauty, and slid it inside. The motor was powerful for being so quiet. When inserted you could feel the rumble but the hum was then completely inaudible.

He continued with his feast, getting me off, and then it was time for the tables to turn. It was his chance to try out the new toy because the g-spot vibrator also doubles as a p-spot vibrator. Talk about versatility.

He smoothly inserted the indigo instrument using my slippery fluids as a lubricant. I asked if he was going to turn it on, but apparently, he already had. It’s seriously that quiet!

After the deed was done, I of course had to ask how his experience went. He adored it as much as I had. The motor is pretty strong for its size, it hits just the right places, and the neck is very slender where the sphincter muscles can relax while still being stimulated within.

Since I have a growing stockpile of toys, we decided to make this one of his and after cleaning it, lovingly tucked it in for the night, in our tote labeled prostate.

All in all, we both agree that this is a fabulous toy for both sexes and would definitely recommend to a friend or gladly give as a gift.

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Other features to consider:

It is completely waterproof and submergible making it great for bath-time fun and super easy for cleaning.

When using lubricant you want to go with water-based to best care for the silicone coating.

It is both hypoallergenic and made with a premium medical silicone, making it body-safe.

It features six different vibration modes. Three are constant vibrations increating in intensity and three are patterns.

So, for a pleasure product that fits both his and her needs, consider getting a G Pop 2!

G Pop 2 can be purchased at Gvibe.com. If you use the code NIKKINELSON you will receive 10% off your purchase.

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