Yoni Egg- Review

If I’m being totally transparent, before this experience, I had zero idea what a yoni egg was. While browsing through theyonigasm.com website I stumbled upon, I immediately realized how beautiful these mini stone eggs were. I mean, what girl doesn’t love gemstones?

Reading through the descriptions I learned that these have been used for thousands of years by women around the world for holistic, healing purposes.

Pretty cool, right?

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And each stone is supposed to embody certain properties in addition to the basics such as:

The ability to increase libido and intensify your orgasms. Umm, yes, please.

Reduce the symptoms related to your period and ease your Red River of Death to a lighter, more manageable flow.

Strengthen your PC, vaginal muscles, and your pelvic floor. Woo Hoo! After pushing three human beings out my sugar box and, as a result, trying not to pee myself every time I sneeze, I would gladly give it a whirl.

Step up your production of natural lady juices.

This one in my experience is definitely true. I wore mine for about an hour, I walked down our stairs, and doubled over laughing. I had to catch it down the leg of my pajama pants when it popped out all juicy. I managed to get it out but not without noticing the nice slippery snail trail that that ran down my thigh.

No foreplay or lube was needed that night to grease me up.

When I decided on an egg, I decided to go with the High Priestess Amethyst that is drilled.


One, it just looked beautiful. It’s a variety of purple shades and shiny.

Two, the tiny drilled hole allows you to nest the egg inside your vagina but with the use of a string to pull it out. Similar to a tampon, but honestly way more comfortable.

Three, from a whole list of things it’s supposed to help with, I liked:

Increasing your creativity and imagination. As a writer and all around weirdo, this seemed like a given.

Enhancing the intuition and ability to make decisions by fine-tuning your thoughts. Sounds great! I love focusing on different projects but my mind bounces constantly from one aspect to another with lightning speed. Any help in that area would be welcome.

Gaining peace of mind and letting go of negative patterns. Sign me up! I would love to set free the doubt I feel when I’ve finally finished something and begin picking it apart mentally.

Weather this one yoni egg is capable of providing all of these benefits, I don’t know. I have no way to personally measure my pelvic floor and such. But I do believe that if it has been around for so long there must be something to it.

I also just like the idea of feeling a little hippy-dippy from time to time. I’m a very earthy person and I found this to be an enjoyable open-minded adventure.

My one proven factor through this experience is that it made me slip-n-slide wet in no time.

My last note is that this is super easy to clean. They give you a specific tea bath recipe you can create or you can just use a very mild soap. They just recommend that you do not boil your egg.

You can purchase your very own Yoni egg at theyonigasm.com and get 15% off your order with the code NIKKI.

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