Fantasy For Her- Her Ultimate Pleasure

Occasionally when you review adult pleasure products, you open the box and find a complete surprise. This was the case with Fantasy For Her.

Let’s be honest. It looks super crazy, it’s a little on the bizarre side, and weirdly enough can make a weirdo like me horny just looking at it.

Most gals enjoy when someone licks their whisker biscuit, but how does this robotic pink and purple tongue licker hold up a real-life beaver eater?

First of all, it has a suction function with two attachments and three different intensities. This is actually quite amazing for blood flow and I ended up enjoying it… eventually.

The first time it started suctioning and felt pretty good. Then became too intense for me when I moved on to the second setting. I went to hit the quick release but managed to hit the wrong button and it went to the highest setting.

For a few seconds I watched as this contraption started beaming up my pussy meat and I’m not going to lie. I freaked out a bit… We were not off on the best foot.

It took a few days, but eventually, we kissed and made up. I was horny and she just kept staring at me longingly from across the room.

The second go, I left the suction on low so as not to be hoovered again. Some may enjoy the feeling, but I’m not a huge fan of pumps in general.

I tried out the seven different tongue motions and decided on a lower one, and kicked the vibration up to one of the highest out of the ten available.

The sensation was spectacular. The faux tongue isn’t comparable to the real thing, but the prolonged consistency and added vibration are extremely satisfying.

I ended up getting off around the five-minute mark. Leading up to orgasm was a thrilling ride. The orgasm itself was less than satisfactory. It was more of an intense superficial sensation which was just ehhh.

Coupled with a dildo or vibrator would also be a good idea.

I would definitely recommend this toy for foreplay with a partner or warming up before moving on to another toy to finish the job. It is quite a unique experience and pleasing to use when done so correctly.

Other features to consider…

The handle which houses the vibrating motor is also supposed to double as a g-spot vibrator. This feature is one of the less impressive aspects of the toy. I very much enjoyed the vibration in the tongue, but masturbating with the handle just wasn’t my thing. That is not what appeals to anyone who is intrigued by this little twat tickler.

It comes equipped with a magnetic USB charger which is my absolute favorite.

Cleaning is relatively easy. The suction attachments are removable making the process easier.

It is not waterproof so submersion while cleaning is not recommended.

The tongue has a jelly-like sleeve that I would suggest just throwing in the trash instead of washing. It does its job just fine without it and it is made of TPE which has the possibility of being a porous material. The tongue itself however is made of silicone which is body-safe.

So, if you would like your bean flicked at a reliable, persistent pace with suction and vibration to boot, I would say give this product a whirl.

You can purchase Fantasy For Her here and use the code Nikki15 for 15% off!

In exchange for a fair and honest review, this item was sent free of charge. Please note that this post contains affiliate links and any sales made through such links will reward me a small commission – at no extra cost for you.

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