Helix Syn Trident- Review

My partner and I initially started our journey with Aneros using the Eupho Syn, but have recently started experimenting with the Helix Syn Trident. Oo la la!

The difference?

Both have given him the spectacular, explosive orgasms you would expect from a company as renowned as Aneros. The Helix has a bit more girth and gives the recipient of this bodacious button pleasurer a much fuller sensation.

I would recommend starting with the Eupho before moving on to the Helix if you are a novice to prostate massager use. Although they are both Fantastic for stimulating your erogenous zones for a more intense orgasm, the sensation is something your body needs to adjust to.

Eupho on the left- Helix on the right

What makes the Aneros brand so phenomenal?

Either use with a partner or during a solo masturbatory session, an Aneros prostate massager, such as the Helix Syn Trident, can greatly enhance the user’s experience. It has an unparalleled design that is hands-free and self-pivoting. So, while you are thrusting during a good shagging, or simply using your anal sphincter muscles while rubbing one out, you will benefit from this massaging mechanism.

The Syn line’s products are also made with silicone, making them completely body-safe and a breeze to clean. They should be washed before and after every use just like you would any other sex toy.

Word to the wise…

When using anything, whether a plug or a massager, there is no such thing as too much lube!

Lubrication is key, regardless if you are a newcomer or a seasoned pro. My partner uses plenty to make it a comfortable experience.

There are many companies that make lube specifically for anal play. This would be a good investment to make when stocking your nightstand full of sexually gratifying products.

Aneros has you covered there as well. They offer water-based lubricant, Sessions, that goes well with using silicone products.

In conclusion…

Currently, the Helix Syn Trident retails for $69.95 which you may believe is a hefty price tag. It might be, but realistically what price would you put on more mind-blowing orgasms?

The basic Trident massagers have no internal mechanisms to burn out or break, so really each one you purchase and take care of is a life long investment into your prostate pleasure and health.

And, if you want to feel a little more confident about your purchase…

Aneros offers a 90 money back guarantee (for website purchases only) with only a 5% fee as well as a lifetime warranty on non-electrical or vibrating products. Those that are electrical or vibrating will be replaced up to a year from the time of purchase.

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