Diamond Rechargeable Body Wand- Review

We will just start this review out with the one truly amazing feature about this wand. The Diamond Body Wand is gorgeous. It sparkles, shines, and made me feel like a princess grasping a scepter. It even came with replacement rhinestones in case the unfortunate should happen and some fall off.

Other than that fact there isn’t anything super spectacular or remarkable about this product. It got me off easy enough, but for the price, you would be much better off spending the small difference to get yourself a Magic Wand. This one is obviously more attractive, but that is where the benefits end.

Although the diamonds are beautiful, they are uncomfortable when rubbing against your skin and while holding. To me, scratchy isn’t exactly desirable in my masturbatory device. If you were handed this in the dark your first instinct would not be to rub your sensitive goodies with it.

Cleaning the head was easy enough and I didn’t make a mess, but I could only imagine trying to clean this thing if you were someone who went ape-shit with lube or managed to get bodily fluids on the handle. It has so many tiny little crevasses that would be impossible to properly wash.

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You control this lovely little disaster by a speed dial and pattern button in the middle of the shaft. Either with the controls facing twoards me or away, I found this uncomfortable to handle. There was no way to operate it onehanded without shifting it around which was slightly annoying.

The vibe it gives off is stronger than a lot of the toys aimed at wowing your clit, but for me the strength isn’t worth the price. Browsing the internet I found the range of $99.00 all the way up to $197.00 at Walmart. Someone in the office there must be smoking something good.

So, ultimately although I loved the dazzle of this particular product, I would not recommend it to a friend or give it to somebody for a gift. Like in life, there are more important qualities than appearance.

If you are still in the market for a wand to wow your goodies you could try out the FemmeFunn Ultra Wand. It is less expensive and one of my favorite go to toys. Click HERE to read the review.

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