Romp Hype- Review

The Romp Hype is an exceptionally flashy little number. It’s bright, vivid coloring, paired with a stylish, curved design will be sure to get you hyped up for an enthusiastic solo session.

What makes it a good Vibrator?

Not only is this vibrator curved, but it is exceedingly flexible as well. Bending in the middle, I was surprised at how malleable it really is.

The noise level is exceedingly low for the power the Romp radiates. Even at the highest setting its more of a loud kitten purr than anything. Much less auditable than the majority and could easily be muffled with a pillow or turning on a fan.

It possesses six vibration modes as well as four patterns. Not only is it handy to use as an insertable, but it also has enough vibration capacity to be used for clit stimulation.

ROMP New Toys

One of my favorite features would have to be the squishy tip of the shaft. It feels similar to a stress ball. This allowed me to use its full insertable length without the worry of racking my cervix.

I love the fact that the Romp Hype is rechargeable since I detest changing out batteries. The port that you insert the charger into is on the smaller side and can be a little bit of a pain in the butt to find and insert through the body-safe silicone. However, it comes with the added perk of allowing this toy to join you in the shower or be submerged during bath time play. Always a plus.

I also had the bonus surprise of finding the cutest little sheet of stickers in my packaging. You never know when you need to bling something out with adorable private parts, and I will be sure to put mine to good use. 🙂

Final Thoughts?

Overall, this is a very inexpensive toy and will give you a great experience at a low cost. It would also be a great starter toy for a novice masturbatory explorer.

ROMP Pleasure Kit

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