Zumio X- Review

My partner and I were more than eager to get our new Zumio X juiced up the moment the package was delivered.

If the Zumio X itself didn’t resemble an electric toothbrush enough, it certainly does while on its neat, almost clinical-like, charging device.

After more than sufficient time, we were antsy to test out this gadget that has invoked such strong opinions on both sides of the spectrum.


The “testing phase” began wonderfully enough with my partner muff-diving before breaking out the goods. Unfortunately for me, we both underestimated the power behind this mini rotation-rod.

I jumped and he was clearly more than confused. I was all warmed up, but the intensity of applying the spiro tip directly on my clit was overpowering and felt similar to an electrical shock in my lady bits.

Not exactly the sensation I was expecting or longing for. I can honestly say I did not get off from that first experience.

I do however like to believe myself to be a trooper and gave unlikely utensil another go… and then another. And then multiples…

Apparently, Zumio X comes with a learning curve. The experience can be quite amazing, both with a partner or during solo play as long as you take the time to learn which spots work for you and your unique body.

Directly on my clit is certainly not mine. I have found that pressing lightly more to the side, using my labia as a buffer really helps get me right where I need to be.

The orgasms that followed were not the deep ones that feel bone-deep, and rack your body, but strong surface ones. They are more of a sharp, honed in on select nerves, type of intensity, which can feel very different each time depending on where you place the tip of this tickling tool.

It is definitely great for exploring your labia and learning more specifically what you enjoy.

It is also a great tool for for me, someone who lacks a super sensitive clit due to medication usage. I sometimes feel like my clit is a bit sleepy and needs a bit of extra speed and umph.

The Zumio X has no problem waking up my napping clit and put it to work.

Features to consider…

The Zumio X comes with a USB charger and charging stand.

This clit vibe comes with a two year warrenty through the manufacturer.

Zumio X takes an inital charge of 16 hours to get a full charge and then is ready for about four hours of play depending on what settings it’s used.

It is waterproof for easy cleaning.

This pinpoint accurate toy is easy to use, with a three button control.

Final Thoughts…

I would highly recommend this to anyone, but with a word of caution. Definitely start with the lower intensities first and test the sensation on your less sensitive areas before venturing onward.

If you are in the market for a gadget to experiment with and get to know your body better, get yourself a Zumio X.

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