Tenga Spinner 06 Brick- Review

Tenga is a company in Japan that specializes in male masturbatory toys. Their new line of Tenga Spinners consists of the Pixel 04, Beads 05, and Brick 06.

The Experience…

I chose the pink Brick to try out with my partner and it is the least firm and houses the softest stimulative insides. As the name suggests, the design inside is a brick-like pattern complete with pleasurable “impact edges”.

In hindsight I wish I would have gone with a firmer spinner since his penis is less sensitive than some.

All the Tenga Spinners have a very modern appearance. They are clear, almost see-through gel-like material with a colorful, plastic mechanism within. The plastic is the component that allows the jelly sleeve to give you a spinning motion when your dick is inserted and sliding up and down your shaft. Who wouldn’t love a tantalizing dick massage?

Its a nice change from the more sexually designed masturbators, since they would easily blend in on a shelf or nightstand while in their case. This would be an exceptional characteristic if you have children or an unexpected guest.

Don’t want your sister-in-law accidently gazing upon your private, pussy-topped penis teaser. Oops!

My partner paired this toy with Swiss Navy lube (all natural is great), since it is one of our favorites, although the spinner does come with one of its own trial-sized packets.

He really did seem to enjoy it and was able to easily climax with ease within five minutes. Upon a second trial, he coupled it with a prostate stimulator and it was magic.

The only complaint he had initially was that with it being closed at the end he thought it may be harder to clean. That really wasn’t an issue with how elastic the material is and the case it arrived in doubles as a drying station.

Easy Peasy Drying

After cleaning, we set it in its container with the smaller side left off with a towel underneath. Soon gravity had taken over and after all the little droplets had disappeared you just seal it with the other end. Super simple.


Overall, the Tenga Spinner does not have a large price tag for the quality and would be easily paired with other toys or enhanced with stimulation lubricants. It is definitely a worthwhile addition to any penis havers collection.

You can purchase your very own at xoxtoys.com for $26.99 at the time of this post.

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