Prostate Magic

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Once upon a time, in a land far, far away there was a brave man on a quest to uncover a magic bean.

This enchanted bean was larger than most. About the size of a walnut and known for possessing various health properties.

One day while out on his adventure the man had an epiphany. He had been searching throughout the kingdom for days, but a voice inside told him to look within himself to uncover the answer.

He was weary from his journey so he pulled off the lane to a tavern inn where he paid for a nights rest.

Alone in his room he lit some candles and took a calming breath. He began to dig, and after a few moments, he got an overwhelming sensation confirming he was on the right path.

Once the bean was found he began the milking process, for that is how all stories told of reaping the health benefits.

He began slowly, unsure of himself but then proceeded more surehandedly once he got a grip of the matter.

Suddenly he erupted… in a fit of laughter! He had done it! He had milked the magic bean and was rewarded.

The day was done and so was he. He curled up upon his little cot and fell fast asleep because that’s what those who possess a penis sometimes do when their day closes with a happy ending.

Actual benefits…

Although I was trying to be funny, there really are some serious benefits to be had from enjoying prostate massage. Not all of the ones I’m listing are completely proven, but there are scientific studies that have been performed to give evidence.

Prostate massage could help with erectile dysfunction. The idea being better blood flow could then lead to better erections.

It can help with your urinary health. Relieving some of the pressure from the prostate decreases the possible inflammation that could in turn irritate your bladder. It can also lead to an easier flow of your urine through your urethra which can be slowed or stopped my an unhappy prostate gland.

Maitnencing your prostate could also help alleviate painful ejaculation and issues associated with an enlarged prostate.

More than anything it is just another way that a man can experience more sexual pleasure and receive a more mind-blowing orgasm. And who doesn’t want that? I honestly can say I’m jealous.

Whether alone or with a partner, play safe, and always remember good hygiene, as with anything. Nobody wants to shake the man’s hand if he dawns a stinky finger.

And if you need a recommendation for either you first prostate massager or just a simply fantastic company, you should check out Aneros. They are the best in the prostate game and who my boyfriend turns to for amazing comfort and design.

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