Aneros Eupho Syn- Review

My partner has always been amazingly supportive of me on my quest to review a wide variety of toys. Of course, it probably helps that he gets to play and get laid, but supportive none the less.

When Aneros offered me my pick of their male prostate massagers, I thought that maybe he would run for the hills, but he was a trooper and agreed to help me analyze our product since I was lacking in the bum button department.

What makes Aneros Male P-Spot Stimulators special?

They are designed to respond to your body’s motions, stimulating specific erogenous zones, and react to your natural contractions. They also have uniquely devised arms for external stimulation.

We had actually tried a prostate massager once before with lackluster results. He found no extra pleasure and said it only made him feel like he had to shit during sex. Not exactly what we were hoping for. This was not the case with our Eupho Syn.

I had decided on the Eupho Syn since it was more slender, but I should have read the decription more carefully. When it arrived, the box mentioned that it was meant for the more experianced user. Luckily we had no issues with use.

With lots of lube it was inserted and initally I could tell he was slightly uncomfortable. As we got going though, I could feel his unease turn to pleasure, and noticed his mounting excitement.

Beautifully packaged in a magnetic box.

The result?

A mind-blowing ass-gasm.

He compared his release to the first time I ever gave him head. Which by the way, I’m pretty good at.

He said that it was by far a more intensely felt, powerful orgasm.

That’s more of what we were aiming for!

He came so hard and enjoyed the experience so much that now it is going to be a part of our normal sex life. Most likely we will be using it again tonight.

Check out all that Aneros has to offer in their extensive line of prostate massagers.

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