Clone-A-Willy + Balls Kit- Review

Our Adventure Begins…

The days were long and the nights were longer on my expedition to clone my partner’s cock.

We have been bestowed the task of creating a detailed replica of my love’s genitals, given all the supplies needed, but unaware of the misfortunes that awaited us.

I scoured the great archives of Youtube and found helpful tips that may aid us in our journey ahead. We read through the instruction text we were gifted that was included in the package twice before setting out.

Yet we were still completely surprised with the difficulty that ensued. It was well known to us by this point in how precise you must be while measuring both time and temperature for creating the plaster that would mold to my lover’s scrotum totem.

The materials allotted to us gave us a total of two tries, yet we needed more.

One misstep was underestimating just how exact the timing must be. We delayed insertion into the mixture and were met with stone.

Another failure on our part was allowing the water to cool too long while mixing. This mission had turned out to be a salty bitch, but we were determined to reach our destination.

We had to send away for more stock, and the wait was hard, but we were sure we could hold out… although the suspense was grueling.

We had another failed attempt when the cap had fallen off and it looked like a cascading waterfall of pancake batter splattering to the floor, but some tape was our salvation.

Curse of the Huge Huevos

We also encountered the trial of getting my partner’s big man berries into the mold. The cup was very large that was meant to house them but he’s definitely packing. They fit but were touching the edges which wouldn’t allow the pasty stew to envelop them properly.

Plaster setting

This would not be a problem for but a select few. For these chosen individuals, the original Clone-A-Willy kit would have been a far superior course.

However, we forged a Head.

And were successful to the best of our ability. The detail and size of his sack were taken from us as they were squashed into the confines of the dome, but we had completed the most demanding leg of our rod replication quest.

From there on was smooth sailing.

Pouring the silicone into the cast was a breeze. We situated the vibrating bullet into the neon brew with no hiccups.

Pouring the silicone mixture

Digging our treasure from the hardened cast after four and twenty hours was simple enough, but we were unprepared for what lay in store.

Apparently, the man bags tried to flee south down the shaft of the tube, so our loot was oddly formed. And for some reason, we had a large chunk dislodged from the front of his member where the magical bullet had settled.

Hard and long as our mission had been, it was all worth the effort. It did not go as planned, but I am both an optimist and sentimental, and in love with our masterpiece.

We knew from the beginning that the Curse of the Huge Huevos was upon us, but we carried on…

Although this may not be the experience everyone would love, I really did. It was a sexy project that I and my darling enjoyed creating together, and it really involved a lot of teamwork.

The hardest part for me personally, was waiting to see the finished product. I’m very happy we completed our venture and now have an amazing keepsake to remember our little experimental journey.

A special thank you to Empire Labs for allowing me to test their awesome kit.

And now our watch has ended.

Finished product

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