Fetish Fantasy Series Pleasure Tape- Review

Yes, this is my ass. You’re welcome.

Itching to be bound?

If you’ve heard the term Tie Me Up Tuesday and thought that was a phrase you could get behind, this tape may be for you. Yes, you!

It is an amazing bondage tool for the restraint novice considering there’s little to no bite while bound.

My partner and I have used it several times, and I have yet to be disappointed.

Handing over complete control to someone you entirely trust is fantastic. Knowing that I am safe while being restrained allows me to lay back (or however he wants me positioned) and just focus on the sensations being given to my body.

What Makes This Tape A Great Tool?

Not only is this shiny PVC tape by Fetish Fantasy visually appealing, it only adheres to itself.

Meaning, it won’t leave you feeling sticky or attach to body hair. A great feature considering this product can not only be used for binding limbs, but also as a gag or blindfold. Nobody wants to taste adhesive or have it rip out their eyelashes. Ouch!

Being cut free after use is super easy and slightly sexy.

Whether you are frisky and feeling adventurous, or in your fledgling stage to rope bunny bliss, I would highly recommend Pleasure Tape for any guy or gal’s playtime box.

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