Bikini Zone- Review

Bikini Zone
Anti-Bump Shave Gel

My body is super sensitive. From my insides, where I have to be careful about what lubrication I use, to what lotion I use on my skin. I’ve always struggled with finding a shaving product that didn’t irritate me, especially when it came to my vagina’s maintenance (and ass-crack, if we’re being totally honest). Thus, my newfound love of Bikini Zone!

This stuff is absolutely incredible! Not only did it not leave me with an angry beaver, berated with bumps, it gave me the smoothest shave I can remember. While putting on my panties the first time, I couldn’t help but stroke my pelvic mound, and be in awe of how silky smooth my skin felt.

It’s also given me the freedom to shave more often, not having to worry about getting ingrown hairs. No more waiting a week.

I also recommended this to a friend who gave it a whirl before I finally got to writing this review. She had a similar reaction and swears she is never using anything else.

I’m sure it would work on any body part that you’re looking to make hairless, but for private areas this stuff is practically perfect. And, the clean ocean-y smell is delightful.

So, if you too are in the market to feel like a slick baby seal, I highly suggest you give Bikini Zone Anti-Bump Shave Gel a test.

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