Magic Wand Rechargeable- Review

I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Magic Wand Rechargeable from the moment I finished checking out online. It’s been dubbed the Cadillac of vibrators and the Hitachi brand has had so much hype ever since it gained it’s notoriety from Sex in the City. (Although, they only go by Magic Wand now).

I was astonished upon opening the box when it arrived at the sheer size of the damn thing. It is a behemoth of a toy and although I read reviews stating as much, I was still taken aback. From head to end it’s the length of my forearm and palm combined.

But naturally, this girl has never turned down a big one. Que me winking awkwardly and giggling.

Features include…

  • Rechargeable power– You let this baby power up, then you have cord free play and no batteries to run low on you when you’re close to climaxing.
  • Strong motor- vibrations up to 6,300 RPM
  • A one year warranty
  • A flexible head to make sure you’re being hit in just the right spot
  • Silicone “sure thing” head. Super soft and amazingly easy to clean.
  • Multiple speed patterns. I’m not a huge fan of pattern functions in vibrators, usually preferring more constant stimulation, but these were actually pretty good.
  • Variable speed control. OMG the four speeds are fucking glorious.
Magic Wand Rechargeable

Laying back on my pillows in bed, this colossal clit stimulator rocked my world. It provided deep vibrations that were felt throughout my entire pelvic region. The mammoth head covered all of my lady bits leading to added bliss. This thing took no time to reach an overpowering orgasm that seemed to go on and on.

You would assume something packing so much heat would leave you unable to rebound quickly, but I was easily able to achieve mind-blowing multiples. The charge is long lasting, so The Magic Wand will last as long as you do.

On a side note… if you do go for multiples, and why wouldn’t you? You may experience a numb twat. Yep, it sadly put my parts to sleep after a few rounds of mind-blowing, cumming fun.

Final Thoughts…

This toy does come with a steeper price tag than some, but in my opinion it is worth the investment. It will forever be a staple in my personal toybox. Order one and your vagina will repeatedly thank you.

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