Revealing My Unique Love of Sniffing an Armpit

Picture of one of my ex partner's armpit.  Brown armpit hair and a gaged ear can be seen in the background.
This is a picture of one of my ex’s armpits. My site has withstood where some relationships have not.

There are times in this girl’s life when I’m met with the undeniable What the Fuck look. None as clearly defined than when I simply ask if it’s alright to sniff my partner’s armpits for the first time. It’s usually followed quickly with a quizzical expression where I can see them mentally trying to figure out if I’m joking. Sorry, guy, I’m not.

I absolutely love the aroma some men give off when they are clean and sweating. Let’s be clear. Only some men. Every person has a scent that is unique to them and only a limited few turn me on. There have been many occasions where I’ve smelled a passing dude in Walmart and was thoroughly repulsed.

Some of you need to check yourself.

There is just something about when you are close to someone and you get the privilege of sticking your face in their armpit. Either while having sex or shortly afterward. I also try to steal a quick sniff while hugging from time to time. Oddly enough, I also like the feel of armpit hair on my face and mouth while I nuzzle into those furry man bushes.

One of the most thoughtful gifts from a partner I can receive is a shirt that they have worn all day. If I’m sleeping apart from them or in the mood to masturbate, it’s a useful commodity to have at my disposal.

Armpit Kink or Fetish?

Mine, personally, is just a kink and not a fetish. I do like them. I am aroused by a certain manly musk. It is not, however, a requirement to be turned on or have great sex. Also, visually, they are nice, but aren’t going to give me an instant lady boner if I see one exposed. A broad, nude chest and back might, but that’s another topic.

Although, many would not own up to being an armpit sniffing connoisseur, there are many out there. Some explanations are the possibility of pheromones being an attractant produced by apocrine glands. Others speculate that we use our olfactory senses to sniff out mates that genetically, would make better partners. Higher testosterone being a leading factor, that even makes the producer more attractive in potential partner’s eyes.

One thing that I have noticed is that sweat smell, just like semen taste, varies based on diet, drug usage, and if the perspiration producer is a smoker or not. The cleaner the body the sweeter the bouquet.

So, those of you with this particular olfactory inclination should rejoice rather than be ashamed. It just means that we are the lucky few who get to experience a certain level of sexual satisfaction though another sense.

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