Important Perks of Period Sex You Need to Know

Perks of Period Penetration

Nature decided to bestow half of the world with uteruses, and thus periods. Although it’s not the most glorious thing about owning this specific anatomy, you shouldn’t let the crimson tide get you down. Mensuration doesn’t have to mean putting your sex life on hold.

Can you have sex on your period?

Absolutely! If you’re into a threesome with you, your beau, and Aunt Flow, grab a crappy towel and you’re ready to go. Period sex between healthy, consenting adults is completely safe.

Perk One

Period blood acts as an all-natural lubricant, so this time you can skip squirting the extra lubricant between your thighs and enjoy being your very own slip and slide.

Through my own experience I’ve learned there’s no competition for shower sex lube than the one you make yourself once a month. Take advantage. It’s super slick and you’re continually producing it, so it doesn’t need to be reapplied. Also, while in the shower, accidental (or intentional) finger-painting is easily washed away.

Perk Two

Orgasms whether with a partner, or achieved via solo session, are amazing for cramp relief. When you get off, Mother Nature tells your uterus to contract and then relax, which then brings relief. Reaching climax also releases feel good chemicals that are beneficial for both mood and body.

An outline black and white drawing of a couple having sex.

Perk Three

Period penetration can shorten the length of time that you spend ragging. With all the contracting your lady bits do after orgasm, you are able to speed up the process of expelling your unneeded lining.

Get out of here, you!

Perk Four

Personally my favorite reason for taking advantage of period sex is the sensitivity. During your time of the month your nerve endings in your nether regions experience increased pressure leading to arousal. This coupled with all of your hormones makes for heightened sensations during a steamy sex session. Then when you finally reach your destination at O-Town, your brain gets rewarded with a shot of Oxytocin (the bonding hormone) and dopamine. I personally find that my orgasms are more easily achieved, usually intensified, and I am left feeling more satisfied.

A red ice pop melting on a pale pink back ground.  Implying a period.

So, if you’re feeling frisky try not to fret about the mess you may make. Most penis possessors don’t tend to care about the puddle of nut nectar they leave behind, so it’s only fair not to stress about your natural bodily fluids.

If your partner has the same body parts as you, they should understand the mechanics of it just as much as you do.

Have fun O-ing while the River of Death is flowing…

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  1. I feel that when having period sex, it seems like it makes it go by quicker (length of the cycle) plus it just mostly feels amazing! Unless they go too deep..

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