Period Oral- Can You Taste the Love?

A period cup has a graphic uterus over it with red graphic dots coming out of the top opening.  Blue background.

There’s probably no better time for eating at the Y than during leak week. Cunnilingus while you’re on your period can be amazing if one, you’re comfortable with the act, and two, you’re lucky enough to find a partner willing to devour you during shark week.

So why is FaceTime So incredible during your period?

Most uterus carrying individuals tend to become super sensitive during their time of the month. When I’m not totally miserable with cramps and all the blissful symptoms that come along with it, the extra blood flow to my genitals is actually a turn on. There’s a heated sensation, aching/throbbing, and something similar going on down under, that I could only compare to the feeling you get after a few glasses of wine.

And to be quite honest I love how animalistic and barbaric it seems. It makes you imagine your seemingly average partner as a primal hunter that has to have you. That they may just drag you off to their cave and have their way with you.

That sounds a million times more erotic than the person that turns faint at the mention of you being on the rag.

Men may grasp the concept if you explain it in terms of the difference between wearing a condom vs. going in raw. There is a difference in sensation. Not to mention most men tend to find you ingesting their fluids as a turn on. You can be expected to gargle their warm ball broth, but some might run at the idea of getting a bit of blood in their mouth.

A tampon, panty liner, and period cup with a heart coming out of the top are laying on a pale pink background.

And if your partner still isn’t willing to brave Satan’s Waterfall?

There are always tampons and menstrual cups to damn the flow and keep the act more tidy.

Being tongue fucked isn’t exactly something that gets me going anyways, but there is no reason to waste perfectly good time polishing the pearl, when there’re alternative methods to keep them eating from the honey pot. And, if you have someone who’s willing to don that winning Kool-Aid smile, know that you have a real find.

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  1. I agree with it being a turn on, knowing someone doesn’t give a damn if they come up looking like joker and just caring about pleasuring YOU? That’s a great relationship thing too.

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