Ovo S2 Lay-On Vibe in Rose

I was super excited about this little number when it came. I had never tried a lay on vibrator before and was eager for the opportunity. It came well packaged, in a cute little box, and the back boasted the following features.

*15 year warranty (cool beans)

*Designed in Germany (although the print at the bottom of the box says assembled in China)


*7 Programs

*Silicone material

*100% body-safe materials

*Whisper quiet (reminds me of when my phone vibrates on my nightstand)

*Powerful motor (their pants are on fire)

*USB charger

*Lithium-Ion technology

*Rechargeable batteries

*Couples toy

Unless you have a super sensitive clit this toy is not the one for you. I tossed and turned, trying both laying on the damn thing and using it on my back like a normal clit stimulator. I flipped it, turned it, and after a while I was tempted to throw it. Nothing I did improved the situation and I was left feeling more irritated than anything. Bed gymnastics should not be mandatory for a toy.

Literally me trying to get off with this shitting thing…

The motor is not powerful at all. It reminded me of the days of only having battery powered toys, and the juice was running low. Nothing pisses a horny girl off more than a week vibe. Especially if you’re feeling lazy and just want to get off before bed.

And if you were wanting to use this toy with a partner, I’m not really sure how that would work. Unless they’re just watching you masturbate, it’s very unlikely this toy will be a shared experience. The base that holds the motor makes it too bulky to go between partners.

In short, I would not recommend this product. I personally feel like I wasted my money and would hate for someone else to do the same.

If you want a better lay-on, you should try the Satisfyer layons Purple Pleasure Clitoral Stimulator. After struggling and failing to get off with the Ovo, I finally swapped over to my new Satisfyer and was orgasming within a minute!

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