Unearthing the Truth About Durex Flavored Condoms- Yuck or Yum?

An open box of Durex condoms sits on top of a wooden surface.  There two red, one green, and one yellow condoms removed from their wrappers.

When you are starting a sex blog during a pandemic, and you’re bored with your best friend, what do you do? Well, we came up with the idea of taste testing Durex Tropical condoms.

Believe it or not, this really isn’t one of our strangest ideas. We both happen to run weird and find ourselves hilariously funny… even if nobody else does.

My only former experience with a flavored condom was my junior year of high school, when my then boyfriend decided to buy one from a shitty-ass gas station vending machine.


I couldn’t tell you since I never gave oral with a condom before. The flavor bestowed upon us was chocolate, and was absolutely, entirely disgusting.

At best, it could be described as cough medicine-ish. Or just total shit.

Never again did I feel the need to lick another flavored condom. Until now.

So, lets dive in…

After breaking open the pack and divvying out the goods, we were ready to get to work. We were laying on the bed while her fiancรฉ sat at my desk, ready to write notes.

Although the packages had cute little pictures on them, none of them were labeled and what you got just happened to be luck of the draw.

The box advertises an exciting mix of flavors and colors within the twelve pack box. Sadly, after ripping into all of them we quickly realized there was only a variety of three.

After scanning the box we realized there was no list of flavors, so we would have to put our tongues to the test.

As far as smell goes they were all quite sweet and pleasant. The feel was silky, as you would expect from a lubricated condom.

Surprisingly, they were all very sweet and not nearly as disgusting as I had imagined. I’ve experienced the plain latex taste on dick before, when switching activities, so I was floored at how fruity and delightful these actually were.

A yellow condom is around a half peeled banana.  The back drop is white.

The verdict based on color…

  • Green- This one was the hardest to figure out. It was definitely tropical, and we decided it must be some sort of pina colada. We believed it had a hint of coconut. My best friend declared this to be her favorite, and it was my second.

  • Red– I originally thought this one was cherry and she believed it to be strawberry. It is probably just meant to be a berry blend. This one ranked as my number one and her number two.

  • Yellow- As most people would assume, this one was without a doubt meant to be banana. Although there was nothing terrible about it, we enjoyed it the least.

If you are one of those individuals who likes to use a condom during fellatio, I suggest trying Durex Tropical Condoms. Not only are they enjoyable to use, they have a pleasant smell and taste. I wouldn’t personally just munch them while watching tv for the flavor, but do actually taste and smell appealing.

They would also make for a really good bachelorette party prop.

Ladies blow condoms up on the regular, to use as balloons, and these are very colorful. They would leave your lips muy delicioso!

You can get your very own pack of Durex Tropical condoms at Lovehoney. It’s $16.99 for a twelve pack.

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